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Astrology Home Notes – Weekly Home Advice in Tune with Universe

As a side feature to the Astrology in your Home feature, every week we will feature – “Astrology Home Notes” so you will be able to time and organize decorating activities in harmony with the universe.  There really are better times than others depending on the activity.  Dolores Morford will be focusing on the month’s primary theme – while clarifying relevant astrological timing and vibration influences.

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'Astrology in your Home' on Stagetecture

For being in tune with ease, there’s nothing better than good timing.  Lots of heaven happenings right now… energies building and some decisions coming.  What could be more appropriate than reducing stressors and creating more supportive environments for being your best.

astrology home notes

Astrology Home Notes, weekly home activity advice

Check back every week for Astrology Home Notes to find out what are the best days and ways to enjoy and beautify your home!

Click here for the week by week posts for the Astrology Home Notes lineup!

Dolores Morford_bio pic

Dolores Morford

For over 30 years, Dolores Morford -  has been a Life Management Counselor and professional Astrologer. Additionally, she uses the ancient wisdom of the Kabala as revealed in the Tarot. By combining various pathways for self and life understanding, she affords her clients a unique opportunity to best manage their lives and prosper in body, mind, emotions and spirit. For in depth information on your personal astrological info, cosmic calendars, coaching and more visit her at away4u. Twitter @Away_4u

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