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Astrology in your Home: Influencing Decor & Environment – Part 4

Entry #409, February 7, 2011

Can you believe we are already on day 4 of Stagetecture’s – ‘Astrology in your Home’ debut? We have covered:

  • Fire Signs – Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
  • Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Today, Dolores Morford from away4u will cover the Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Thank you Stagetecture Fans for embracing Astrology in your Home, and Dolores and I look forward to bringing you more great features in the weeks to come.

Entire Zodiac

‘Astrology in your Home’ on Stagetecture

Let us know in the comment section if you have any ideas regarding your home environment, and how your sign influences it!

In our upcoming segments we will feature:

  • Organization for your family and their signs
  • Your kid’s signs and their home environment
  • Sharing a space with another sign (roommates, home office sharing, kids sharing a bedroom)
  • Seasonal and holiday features customized for the 4 element categories – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water


Dolores Morford_bio pic

Dolores Morford

Astrological signs show how differently we each go about satisfying our basic human needs.  Right up there with food, shelter, and love are the psychological needs for control and success. Astrological signs are in full force when organizing work space which is the means to be in control of the environment which supports career success.

My features on Stagetecture will help you enjoy your home and make your environment perfect for you!

blue decor_bedroom

Water signs home environment

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio Pisces

Sensitive, Intuitive, Sentimental, Creative —

Don’t like  insincerity, impersonal attitude, pressure to respond on the spot

Water signs feelings undulate like ocean tides in cyclical rhythm with Moon phases.  Their ever- changing moods are often incomprehensible, even to them.     They absorb their surroundings; they meld with others’ energy fields.  Having the element of Water in the surroundings is essential.  A small fountain is nearly a must.    Additionally, incorporate the vibrations of oceans  — beaches —  lakes  -or –  ponds via wall-hangings or from actual window views if location provides the possibility.


Cancer: Nurturing, Protecting, Nesting people


Generally, homey and comfy is their style but certainly not the thread-bare sort.  Cancers’ artistic appreciation dictates good taste… but no putting on airs.  As the crab, cancer’s symbol, always carries along its home, Cancer, needs to make a home wherever it is.


The desk will likely lean toward natural materials and nature tones, but just the right Cancer mood might find a flower tone one that will surprise you.

The desk and chair will be the key to home away from home, for that is where the great-in-business, security minded Cancer will be camping out to see that matters are run with the personalized service that hallmarks Cancerian enterprises.

Comfortable and cushy for all chairs for all people, but the one for their desk — ergonomic to the max, even a bit of a “surround” pillow for secure feeling; a foot stool would be a fabulous extra:  ideal if conducive to a nap no one would have to know about.


Cancer loves the play of light in their surroundings

Decor & Storage:

The decor will tend to express through natural tones and, often, nature references, as the watery blues and greens and trendy hues from those (like sage).  Add in flower color accents and you will have mood up-lifters (Cancers need this as they are in the lead in reacting to the lunar cycles).

Fabrics of natural fiber, eco-appropriate, fit well with the Cancerian environmental consciousness, and there just might be an interest in tasteful shimmer. It’s the special connection of Cancer with the Moon; the play of light upon an occasional fabric lightly laced with silver thread can hint of moonlight, making the Cancer feel right at home.

Pre-organize everything so the executive-piece of Cancer slips right into place, undeterred by computer set-up (interruptive), those awful cords (depressing), and outlet locating (aggravating).  See that customary filing accouterments are close and easy… like a credenza behind the chair or to the side, requiring only a swivel of the chair (minimal muscle movement equals Cancer comfort).   All in place means a system to continue, so less stress – helps the Cancer to focus.

Scorpio: Intense, Determined, Tenacious people



Scorpios from birth often feel a sense of destiny/mission … and intuition has always been their guide.  A home office  and their desk, for them is mission control,  ONE person in absolute control, every thing, person, and activity focused on the mission.  Scorpio is comfortable in there.  Power to do, power to create, power to be effective rather sums things up for Scorpio interests.

The placement of the desk, strong and powerful in its own right, and its seat of power has to be strategically situated for masterful use of resources and total view of all that might occur.

scorpio desk

Scorpios like a “Mission Control” desk area

Decor & Storage:

Environments should support the passionate, driven, focused Scorpio’s: no interruptions when on a roll, everything meaningful.   They have a mission.  They are aware of quality, of usefulness, of purpose.  Consider the idea of using some old things newly.

They are into transformation.  Scorpios have a creative knack for transforming something into its next reincarnation… as, an antique up-dated or a one-time dining table re-worked into the stately desk they sought.  There just might be a favorite something not being utilized and looking for a new life.  You ‘ll take on “genius status” with Scorpios for suggesting the possibility; look around together to see what’s buried in the mists of the past.

Don’t be surprised if their idea of a standard file cabinet is fire-proof, double locked, and way too heavy to steal.   Security equals secrecy for Scorpios.  Secrecy equals security.   They will love a wall safe obscured by a wall hanging.  Rarely is organizing and maintaining order a challenge for this has been mastered by now as a matter of control .  Everything will be put away … “hidden” in Scorpio-speak.  Containers, shelves, drawers needed – sturdy and functional and concealed.

Pisces: Intuitive, Sensitive, Artistic, Empathetic people



Pisces will care about the look and style of the desk and chair, again, decor coordination plus function to be considered.Look for snazzy; up-town desk accessories to hold all those pens that will never make it into a drawer, slots for scissors and an array of implements most other people don’t have, desk-top shelves for different types of paper and, ideally for the printer itself.  My guess is Pisces is the biggest user of printers… work, notes, pictures, arts projects..and on and on.

Decor & Storage:

Pisces resonates with beauty and all the creative arts.  Start with favorite colors.  Blues and bring and amethysts will probably be on their referred palette somewhere; tones will tend to the more gentle side of the spectrum.  Bring needed balance and grounding with warm and “definite” colors.  Harsh and garish will never work.


Pisces appreciates beauty and function

Too much airy lightness will scatter Pisces and won’t do anything for practical application of talents.  What supports application are wall hangings of pictures of previous work activity, the work itself, and the Pisces with someone who appreciated the work.  Affirmation and appreciation are major Pisces motivators.

Use colorful boxes, labeled: can be messy inside but are orderly on shelves and offer place for everything.  Color-code files — better chance they will make it into the file drawer, for matching color hanging folders are waiting there.  Have ample drawer space…label the drawers.

For over 30 years, Dolores Morford –  has been a Life Management Counselor and professional Astrologer. Additionally, she uses the ancient wisdom of the Kabala as revealed in the Tarot. By combining various pathways for self and life understanding, she affords her clients a unique opportunity to best manage their lives and prosper in
body, mind, emotions and spirit. For in depth information on your personal astrological info, cosmic calendars, coaching and more visit her at away4u. Twitter @Away_4u.

For more “Astrology in your Home” click here.

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