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-Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

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Astrology in your Home: Preparing for Valentine’s Day, Part 1

Entry #411, February 9, 2011

Stagetecture has had great reviews in the last week from the “Astrology in your Home” features! Since you all are taking onto it, I thought I would start featuring Dolores , from away4u, at least once a week! This way – you can keep getting your astrology in your home fix!

Today is a 1 of 2 part Valentines day post. I thought about posting this on Valentine’s Day, and realized for those of you that are procrastinators (ehh ehh, not naming any names) that you wouldn’t have proper time to prepare!

Bedroom hearts

Astrology in your Home: Preparing for Valentine’s Day

In part 1:

Today, Dolores has listed the astrology signs characteristics below for you. Use these to start thinking of what you will do for your Valentine! There is nothing better than you being prepared, and your Valentine appreciating the thought.

In part 2:

Dolores will cover – Valentine home activities and gift suggestions for the signs!


Part 1 – Know your Valentine’s astrological sign personality to help you prepare:

Fire:  All-very passionate, strong, active




Innovative, unique, active, adventurous, romantic idealist, needs independent time



Make a statement, more luxury-oriented, love the nuances & expressions of romance


Fun filled, a “good-sport,” adventurous, out-of-the box, spontaneous, needs space

Earth:  Slower approach, can be intense, great depth and warmth; for sentiment




Touchy, feely, sensory, sensuous (very  tactile), into romantic gestures, sentimental



Conservative, care-taking, subtle gestures, thoughtful gifts, very discriminating


Capricorn_Dec 23_Jan20

Reserved, sincere, intensity builds, status oriented, security means everything

Air: They are stimulated through the mind and communication:  like catchy, clever things




Gemini_My 22_Jn21

Words are important; up for anything– but not routine—like the unpredictable



Affectionate, romantic; soft, tender words just meant for them will go a long way



They are the unexpected and they like the unexpected; mental connection a must

Water: Ultra sensitive, sentimental, creative, very private, find security in emotional bond




Nurturing & care taking, affectionate, attentive, enjoy continual closeness



Intense, often do not verbalize feelings, passionate, seductive



Very sensitive to the others needs, enjoy a lot of attention and tenderness

Don’t forget to see Part 2 – Valentine home activities and gift suggestions later this week!


Dolores Morford_bio pic

For over 30 years, Dolores Morford –  has been a Life Management Counselor and professional Astrologer. Additionally, she uses the ancient wisdom of the Kabala as revealed in the Tarot. By combining various pathways for self and life understanding, she affords her clients a unique opportunity to best manage their lives and prosper in
body, mind, emotions and spirit. For in depth information on your personal astrological info, cosmic calendars, coaching and more visit her at away4u. Twitter @Away_4u.

For more Astrology posts on Stagetecture, click here.

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