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Home Staging: Preparing Kid’s Rooms for Selling your Home

Entry #432, February 27, 2011

Now that March is a few days away, many home owners are considering putting their home on the market.  Home sales here in the United States have improved since last year, but home staging will still give the added benefit of making your home more appealing to buyers. While we spend a lot of time staging the main living spaces, kitchen and master bedroom, we often forget about the kids rooms.

See the post from the archives last year: Ideas for staging your kid’s room.

kids room_home staging

Staging kid’s room are as important as the rest of the house!


Original Entry #26, February 25, 2010

When most family’s search for homes, they focus on the kitchen, master bedroom and the bathrooms. Often times the children’s rooms are forgotten when it’s time for staging. Remember, if you are trying to sell your home, every room must be created equally. Here are ways to make sure the kid’s rooms look just as great as the rest of the house.

1.) Light and space:

Have you ever thumbed through a Pottery Barn for kids magazine? The rooms have the feeling of space, but still functional. They also always have natural light pouring into the room. For your home, try to mimic these concepts.

pbarn kids bedroom

2.) Declutter:

Yes, it’s natural for kids to have toys, stuffed animals, books, etc.. Although, the look of the room still must convey an organized, spacious feel. Try boxing up toys, donating items, and freeing the room of excess belongings.

3.) Make it fun!

The one space of the house that you can add some whimsy, is the children’s rooms! Ohdeedoh shows a great shared gender room that looks great and is appealing. Remember a key to staging: don’t over personalize. Personal pictures, and overly ornate rooms can be a turn off to some home buyers. You can create a feeling of youth excitement, without going overboard… save this for the house you move to!

2010-02-hadleykohen1_sm_kids room

Add whimsical touches, it’s supposed to be fun in here!

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