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DIY Saturday #49 – How to Maintain your Lawn this Spring (Video)

Guest Blog #72, Entry #515, May 7, 2011

Happy DIY Saturday! Whether you are getting ready for a Mother’s Day picnic outside tomorrow, or you are hosting the neighborhood barbecue party, everyone wants a perfect looking lawn! The harsh winter may have wreaked havoc on your lawn, or you many be trying to ward of weeds and pests. Regardless of your lawn challenges, today’s DIY Saturday will give you tips on improving your lawn this Spring so you’re prepared for the summer.


Get tips for keeping your lawn looking beautiful this spring

Image courtesy of Country Lawn & Tree Service

Look at these YouTube videos: How to mow your lawn properly and how to water your lawn properly.

Also see how our Guest Blogger, tells you how to control weeds in your lawn without killing it!


How to Control Weeds in your Lawn

Weeds will grow in almost any area where there is good fertile soil; this will include your lawn and gardens.  There will be some complications with killing weeds without killing your lawn but there are ways to go around it and to do it effectively.  You should start by double checking the breed of turf grass and the types of weeds you have in your yard.  Anyone that manages a lawn or garden will have their allotment of annoying weeds that will have to be taken care of. If you’ve used some weed killers before then you know the pains that you have to go through.  You need to identify the problem weeds in your lawn or garden and the herbicides that will attack them without harming your turf grasses.

Normally weeds will fall into one of two categories; grass-types or broad leafed-types of weeds. Once you have the weed identified then you will know what herbicides will do the best to eradicate them. There are other cases where you would have fungi growing in your garden or lawn. sometimes its harder to see but if you see any mushrooms in your lawn then you will know. It can help to inspect your lawn and comparing the weeds with the plants you’d want to keep. If they are the same type of plant like some broad leafed weeds in your flower garden, or some grass types of weeds in your turf grass. You should treat them carefully with one of the many different types of weed killers that will target and treat any plants.


Green your lawn now, for months of enjoyment

Image courtesy of Forever Green Lawn Care

There are non-selective herbicides like glyphosate based herbicides that are capable of killing any plant that’s treated.  You can carefully treat the problem plants you will encounter by mixing them in a spray bottle and spot treating the plants you don’t want. Use a good sprayer and test it out on a portion of concrete to see how it will spray and what kind of pattern. This way you will not accidentally spray the herbicide on plants that you want.  Many sprayers have adjustable spray heads so you can change how it sprays an area with each trigger pull.  If you do happen to spray a plant just rinse off the leaves quickly. Treated spots will be easily cleaned off quickly.

There is a way to treat the plants with a home made eco-friendly herbicide that will kill any plant you treat with it. Boiling water with vinegar will kill plants that are sprayed with it.  This can be sprayed on different plants and any weeds that are sprayed on the leaves.  These chemicals will subside as time passes and they will eventually dilute into the soil. Be careful not to use table salt as it will kill any plants growing in the soil.

To learn more about controlling weeds and other pests, please visit today!

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