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House Tour: A Lovely Luxury Home in Sao Paulo, Brasil

Guest Blog #107, Entry #570, June 27, 2011

In the past weeks you have been introduced to beautiful Brazilian architecture and furniture. Today, our Guest Blogger gives you another look into a luxurious home in Brasil, just waiting for you to feast your eyes on!


Similar to Casa Paraty we introduce to you the equally as lovely Iporanga House or “Casa Iporanga” designed by famed residential architect Isay Weinfeld of Sao Paulo, Brasil.

An inviting view to the Atlantic from the deck

We are beginning to note a lot of similarities to most luxury house design and that is one of openness and the use of “light” colors to promote reflectivity and minimize heat gain. Isay’s “Iporanga” utilizes the basic “post and lintel” approach to create a nice open space offering a view corridor towards the cool and inviting Atlantic ocean. (Note the deep void that allows the casting of heavy shadows upon the interior)

Lush landscaping bathes the interior with shade

A nice side elevation of how “Iporanga” interplays with the surrounding landscape. Make sure to take note of the “unique” wall surface on the second floor. (We will speak on this in a moment.) This view allows you to appreciate the designer’s efforts to preserve the prime location of the house by having the design step back away from the ocean towards the site interior.

A calm-inducing living space abutting the beauty that is called – nature

Just as the exterior has a relationship with the lush landscaping so do the interior spaces. Note the lovely arrangement in this bedroom as plant life meets human life.

Another breathtaking view afforded the private spaces of Iporanga

Passive sustainable design techniques applied to the buildings’ interior spaces

As we mentioned before, the windows designed are awning windows which serve a dual purpose they provide shade from the sun while still allowing ventilation (beit cross or single side) into the building. Also if you noticed the perforated sheathing on the exterior this allows air to still circulate (though minimally) throughout the interior even during inclement weather. (say during a rain shower)

The exterior wall in the closed position helping to divide the space further; which would allow a home owner the option of hosting smaller parties or functions.

The interior space and exterior space divided by the movable window wall – note the tracks in the flooring.

Bedroom with a relaxing view to the cool, blue ocean below

As most designs that we have had the honor of reviewing – we really like how Isay gives both public and private spaces the opportunity to share in the beauty of nature. The house reads as a “show” house attuned to evening soirees but also maintains the feel of a “traditional” house in its division of spaces and spatial layout. For more of Isay Weinfield’s beautiful residential creations.

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Habari!! (Hello) It is often said to be experienced, one must experience. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy international architecture, because it gives a different perspective or view on the same space. In addition, the impact after such an encounter forces on to rethink a space and incorporates another layer of culture if you will. As time continues on, I will provide features focusing on the various designs and styles found throughout the world as it pertains to residential architecture; while also "spotlighting" an occasional architecture firm from time to time. We hope you enjoy the posts and always remember to have an open mind. Much respect to Stagetecture for providing such a diverse and informative platform - I thank you! Oh, and for the curious "Ulimwengu Msafiri" translates into world traveler - which you will soon be.

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