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DIY Saturday #58 – How to Remodel your Backyard (Video)

Guest Blog #118, Entry #582, July 9, 2011

Happy DIY Saturday, and this week we are focusing on your backyard. Summertime is the opportune time to get out there and enjoy it. If your backyard is lacking major components, like a lounging area, landscaping, and other amenities, today’s post is for you.

backyard patio

Turn your backyard into your sanctuary!

Take a look at a YouTube video from HGTV that gives a beautiful idea for a French country inspired backyard remodel, and our Guest Blogger today gives tips for making your backyard come alive.


YouTube video – Backyard Patio Transformation

Guest Blogger – How to Remodel your Backyard

Summer: the time of outdoor work and backyard projects. One of the largest undertakings you can take is remodeling the backyard. Whether it’s new shrubs, a new patio, both or more, it can be a timely process. Follow these ideas to make sure you get everything right the first time. And make sure you keep mosquito control systems in mind so you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your new space.

New patio? Plan for Mosquitoes

If you are building a new patio for family and friends to enjoy, consider installing mosquito control systems to control the mosquito population in your backyard. With the right kind of mosquito trap, you’ll enjoy a yard that has virtually no mosquitoes buzzing around. You’ll enjoy your new patio that much more.

In addition, make sure there are no low lying areas where water can become trapped and stagnant, as stagnant water is one of the biggest breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

backyard ideas

Consider adding an overhead shaded area in your backyard

Plant Shrubs for Both Looks and Functionality

Shrubs are a great way to spruce up your backyard, but they can also provide privacy as well. If you don’t have a fence, planting a series of shrubs that will grow high and wide can help protect your family’s privacy when outside enjoying the weather. Shrubs should always add to the landscaping, as opposed to drawing all of the attention.

Consider a Fire Pit

One of the greatest pleasures of having a backyard is having backyard fires. By installing a new fire pit, you will always have a place for you and your family and friends to sit by the fire and enjoy the warm nights without damaging the rest of your lawn. You can have a cook out!

Find Grass Suitable for Your Area

Not all grass is created equal. Do research or ask at your local farm supply store what grass will grow the best in your area. If you are having problems deciding which type of grass to plant, plant test areas and see what works the best.

Use Hay to Get your Grass Going

Although it may not be the greatest looking for the first few weeks, it is always a good idea to lay hay over freshly planted grass areas. The hay will keep birds from eating the seed and will also trap moisture from evaporating, allowing the grass to grow firm.


Give your yard time to grow before first mowing

Give the Yard Some Extra Time Before the First Mowing

If you are completely reseeding the area, make sure you let the grass grow higher than usual before first cutting it. Mowing the grass too soon can uproot the new grass and you will have to start the process over or suffer patchy areas.

Work on It and Enjoy It

While it is not the most glamorous of jobs, remodeling your backyard is a rewarding and fun experience. From the planning stage to the execution, have fun making a yard that suits your family.

This guest blog post was written by Mike Ishman who specializes in ways to make the most out of your backyard, such as mosquito control systems and the mosquito barrier.

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