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Stagetecture’s Guest Bloggers Receive Broader Exposure – eHow, Livestrong, & More!

Entry #672, September 23, 2011

When I decided to start having Guest Blogs on Stagetecture in December of 2010, I didn’t exactly know how the turn out would be. I figured I would get a few every few weeks or so, but the recent feedback and requests to be a guest blogger has been overwhelming and great!

Over the last few months, I was asked by Demand Media to be a partnered Blogger that publishes many of Stagetecture’s posts on other sites.  How fortunate many of my Guest Blogger’s have been!

Here is a list of the wide exposure websites Stagetecture’s Guest Blogs have been featured:

Guest Blogger: Maintenance Tips to Prepare your Home for Fall – eHow

autumn home

Keep your fall home maintained

Guest Blogger: Creatively Disguising your Favorite Home Electronics – eHow

home electronic organization

How do you keep your wires organized?

How to Create a Playful Art Room for your Kids – eHow

kids art room1

Create a space your child can be artistic.

Making Your Kitchen Appliances Environmentally Friendly – eHow

kitchen appliances

Create a kitchen that is eco-friendly

Guest Blogger: 10 Benefits of Green Roofing your Home – eHow

green roofing3

Green roof advantages

Guest Blogger: A Growing Family Needs a Growing House – eHow

home exterior larger

Is it time for a larger home with more space?

Guest Blogger: This Summer’s Top Ten Bucket List for Kids – eHow

kids summertime activities

Kids summertime activities

How to Design a Basic Recording Studio in Your Basement – eHow

home recording studio2

Tips for designing your recording studio

 Guest Blogger: Quick & Easy Exterior House Painting Tips – eHow

exterior home color

Simple tips for painting your exterior home

Guest Blogger: How to Design a Music-Themed Kids’ Bedroom – eHow

kids music room2

Start your child’s love for music early!

Guest Blogger: How to Increase your Home Value by Adding a Loft – eHow

loft ideas 2

Create more space with the addition of a loft

Guest Blogger: How to Make the Best Use of your Small Space – eHow

small living room

Make the best use of your small space

Delicious Easter Brunch Recipes for your Holiday Guests – Livestrong

pancakes Easter

Easter Brunch Ideas

Creating a Mudroom in the Smallest & Wettest Areas of your Home – eHow

mudroom small

Tips for creating a mudroom in the smallest areas of your home

Simple Ideas for Going Green in your Backyard – eHow

backyard ideas

How do you green your backyard?

How to Tell if it’s Time to Replace your House Windows eHow

windows interiors

Need replacement windows?

How to Find if you Have Harmful Asbestos in your HomeeHow


Before you remodel, check to see if there’s asbestos in your home

Festive Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas for Every BudgeteHow


Fun crafts can make memorable table settings

How to Decorate & Personalize your Boring Home Office eHow

home office2

Plan out your office space for function and practicality

No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Kids & Adults to Dress up you Halloween Decor eHow

pumpkin flowers

Scratch the surface, rather than gutting out your pumpkin

Image via

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids & Adults for Trick-or-Treating – Featured on eHow

halloween trick or treating

Safety tips for kids and adults for Halloween

Image via

How to Make your Home More Inviting to Guests – Featured on eHow UK


Use these tips for an guest bedroom too!

Image courtesy of via

How to Choose the Best Spot for your Dog HouseThe Daily Puppy

dog house designer

Sun, wind, soil drainage, are all important

Image courtesy of via

How to Make your Bedroom Gorgeous on a Budget – Featured on eHow


How to achieve a budget friendly, but inviting bedroom

How to Avoid Basement Floods with Proper Gutter Maintenance – Featured on eHow


Gutter maintenance can protect your home

Image courtesy of via

Garden Activities to Enjoy Before Summer’s End – Featured on eHow


Enjoy a hammock in your garden outdoor area

Image courtesy of via

How to Choose a Creative Border for your Wallpaper – Featured on eHow

wallpaper border2

Wallpaper border

Image via

While all of Stagetecture Guest Blogs can’t be featured on other sites, it’s exciting to know that several have had exposure that goes past Stagetecture’s viewership. I thank all of my past, present, and future guests for making Stagetecture a home for sharing home inspiration everyday! Here’s to many more…

If you’re interested in being a Guest Blogger on Stagetecture, click here.

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  1. Jerry R Harden

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, I have spoken with you through facebook. You have given me advice, but to read how you got your start is truly amazing. I will not be able to match your skills at blogging, I seem to lose my focus at times. I will keep trying to put my thoughts to words for my blogging. But I really enjoy your work.

  2. Post author

    Thank you Jerry for your kind words. Little steps make bigger steps :) You are doing great! Keep it up and don’t get discouraged. :)

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