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Quick and Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas to Save you Time this Holiday

Entry #857, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! So you have 2 days left until Christmas and the pressure is starting to build.. can you feel it? I will be honest, most years I have my gifts wrapped by now, stocking stuffers ready, and all I’m doing is cooking…. Well, not this year! Me and my hubby have quite a few gifts to wrap  in the next 24 hours… the pressure is ON!

Today, I went on search for quick and easy gift wrapping ideas. While I love a pretty present, I also love saving time, and my gifts looking great too! Martha Stewart once again saved the day with these great ideas. See which ones you love the best… I am loving the potato chip bag wrapping and kids artwork wrapping! wheh hew!

Craft Paper Gift Wrap

gift wrapping craft paper

Simplicity can still look great

For oddly shaped gifts and those that need sturdy wrapping, make it all about the trimmings. Use kraft paper for an attractive yet supportive covering. Once wrapped, add special trimmings and gift tags to your package.

Potato Chip Bag Gift Wrap

gift wrapping potato chips

Who would of thought… a potato chip bag?

You can give a new life to empty potato-chip bags and dress up your gifts in them with this quick idea. Cut open a potato-chip bag along its seam to reveal the shiny white or silver inside of the bag. Flatten the bag, wash it with soap and water, and air dry. Then wrap your present and adorn it with ribbons and homemade cards.

Cupcake Paper Carnations

gift wrapping cupcake papers

Pretty and easy cupcake paper decorations

Use up to a dozen liners for each flower. (The more liners you use, the fluffier the results.)

1. Separate and set out liners.

2. Fold them in half.

3. Nest folded liners inside one another. (If using a variety of sizes, stack from largest to smallest.) With an awl, poke a hole in the center near the folds.

4. Send the stem of a mini brass brad through the hole. Pierce an unfolded cup with the brad. Spread brad to secure. Fan out liners to create ruffles.

5. Rotate each folded liner about a quarter turn, and overlap each one with the next until you’ve formed a flower shape. Hot-glue the liners directly to a gift or ribbon.

Kids Artwork Gift Wrap

gift wrapping kids artwork

So that’s what you can do will all of the extra kids artwork!

Let the kids join in on the gift-wrapping fun by using their drawings as inexpensive and delightful homemade gift wrap. Have kids doodle on Kraft paper, calendar pages, shopping bags, magazine pages, and phone book pages.

Color Coded Wrapping

gift wrapping color coded

Skip the gift tags this year!

If you have a lot of gifts to give this year, assign each family member a different color paper, and you won’t even need gift tags. This is a fun way for everyone to identify his or her presents.

For more Christmas ideas on Stagetecture, click here

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