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DIY Saturday #85 – How to Decorate your Small Apartment (Video)

Guest Blogger #339, Entry #911, January 21, 2012

Happy DIY Saturday! This week instead of focusing only on home owner type do it yourself projects, I realized apartment and condo dwellers need ideas and inspiration too! Decorating a small apartment is often a challenge for many, especially when you aren’t allowed to paint the walls are making any permanent changes to the space.


Add color to your apartment without scrimping on style


Today, watch a You Tube video from Style at Home for tips on decorating your small apartment. From making it look larger to storage ideas. Then my Guest Blogger shows you how to decorate your abode, without having to paint.

How to Decorate your Small Apartment – You Tube Video

Guest Blogger: How to Decorate your Apartment without Painting:

One of the most common complaints from renters is the difficulty that comes with trying to decorate your home when you’re unable to make major changes to the suite. As renters, we are sometimes not able to make all of the changes that we might want, either aesthetically or structurally. It’s not always easy to think of alternative solutions to home decor without stepping on the toes of the homeowner, but with some creative thinking, you can spruce up your living quarters easily and inexpensively.

Wall Art

Aside from the usual pieces that you might secure at a big box store for a high sum of money, there are some great and inexpensive ways to find one-of-a-kind artwork for your home. Thrift stores often offer wonderful pieces for low prices that are guaranteed to strike conversations with your visitors.  Think outside the box when it comes to wall decoration; homemade shadow boxes are a great way to show off parts of your life and yourself to visitors in a totally unique way. Shadow boxes also offer a great solution to those keepsakes you have sitting in boxes in your closets! Some companies are even available to turn your photographs into posters and murals, which give your home a different kind of personal style than is typical.


Decorate your apartment without painting



Small details can make a huge difference to the feeling of the décor in your home. Consider curtains, throw pillows, candle holders and other beautiful accents to make your home more personal. Textures and colours are great ways to change the feeling of your home into one that is exotic or individually styled. Consider frequenting garage sales for inexpensive details to add to your home for a new and exciting flare. You never know what types of treasures may be hiding in your neighbours’ basements. Pinterest is a great place to look for home decor ideas, especially DIY projects.


If the color of your walls is truly important to you, there are some great alternatives to painting or papering your walls. Using some fun techniques, you can use fabric to decorate full accent walls, and change the entire look of your rooms. When you move, you can take the fabric with you, so it’s a good investment as well. Since you’ll need a large quantity, check out your local fabric store when they’re having a sale – most do large sales every few months to make room for new fabrics.


Apartment living doesn’t have to be boring, with no style!



The types of furniture that you purchase and use in your home can say a lot about you. Check classified ads often for great deals on different furniture pieces to add to your living space. You can also add some DIY touches to make even hand-me-down furniture look awesome. For example, take the time to repaint that old dresser or add some lace bits to the worn-out bottom of couches for a fun look.

This guest post is from Allison with Head to this site to get insurance to cover your newly-decorated rental!

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  1. Casandra Miska

    Very interesting info; and fun to watch video. I love the dining storage units with the sliding doors. I will share your great posts, Ronique on all my Social Media sites!

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