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New! Guest Blogging Program – Easily Connecting Blog Owners to Blog Writers

Entry #885, January 8, 2012

On December 31st, 2010 I opened up Stagetecture to a broader spectrum of home niche guest bloggers to bring exposure to other writers and to expand the knowledge base for home niche categories on Stagetecture.

One year later the Stagetecture guest blogs have had these accomplishments:

  • Introduced over 300 guest bloggers on Stagetecture to readers worldwide
  • Several guest blogs have been featured on Ehow, EhowUK and other media
  • Stagetecture is on the first page of Google keywords ‘guest blogger home’
  • Helped many home niche blog owners spread the word about their service/product
  • I have helped other blog owners host guest blogs with my tips on Problogger.

With all of the positive feedback, I realized that blog owners and blog writers could benefit from a program that would bring the two of them together.

I’m now introducing:

Stagetecture’s Guest Blogging Program

‘Connecting home niche blog owners to guest blog writers’

guest blogging program computer

Connecting blow owners to guest blog writers

Image via: 3bp

1.)  What is it and how can it help me?

The program is designed to bring Stagetecture’s guest blogging pool of quality writers together with blog owners to give all parties an advantage.  These advantages can be:

  • Blog Owners:

Fresh content delivered for your business or personal blog, growing your brand/service without the commitment of hiring full time writers. (Pay will be based on a per article basis).

  •  Guest Blog Writers:

New website blogs to guest post for and gain more exposure for your business/service/personal brand.

  • Stagetecture: 

The ability to bring all parties together and publicize the program, and act as the liaison between the blog owners and the guest blog writers.

2.)  Stagetecture will help connect these home niche categories for writers and blog owners.

  • Home Decor/Design
  • Moving – (Home staging, storage units, moving tips)
  • DIY – (Do it yourself home projects)
  • Luxury living
  • Green living
  • Architecture
  • Organization solutions
  • Plumbing/Mechanical – (Air conditioning, heating, plumbing systems)
  • Security – (Home security systems, theft deterrent solutions)
  • Safety – (Hurricane/flood prevention, natural disasters, asbestos, mold prevention)

3.)  How does it work?

I will connect past guest blog writers to current home niche blog owners and act as the liaison between both parties. We will work out guidelines, writing category preferences and timeline information.

computer desk2

Connecting blog owners to guest blog writers

Image via: Decor 8 Blog

4.) Payment

  • Blog Owners:

There is a one time fee for 2012, and then each article will be paid for per article to Stagetecture.

  • Blog Writers:

There is a one time fee for 2012, and the ability to add a link back to your website on the owners blog.

5.) How do I get more information and sign up?

Fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form and include ‘Guest blogger program’ in your subject. I will send you the guidelines and more detailed information to get started.

Include in your contact form:

  • Specify if you are a ‘Guest Blog Writer’ or ‘Blog Owner’
  • Writers: Specify if you are a past Stagetecture guest blog writer (this will save time in sending out guidelines that you already are aware of.)
  • Owners: Specify if this is for a business blog or personal blog.

I have already tested this program with a luxury home blog and both the writers and owner are very happy. If you are looking for new writers for your blog, or you are looking for more exposure, The Stagetecture Guest Blogging Program may be for you!

For more Guest Blogger posts on Stagetecture, click here.

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