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Creating a Mudroom in the Smallest & Wettest Areas of your Home

Entry #960, February 16, 2012

With winter in full swing the parts of your home that need the most protection are the ones exposed to the rain, snow, slush and mud on a daily basis. Whether this is your front entry, garage entry, laundry or mudroom, the need to have a place for all the wet stuff is crucial. If you have the option of having a large mudroom, you are fortunate. For those of us that have a small room, or maybe just a hallway, this post is for you (I’m raising my hand here, as I only have a laundry room wall!).

One from the archives…..

mudroom small

Turn any area into a mudroom!

Image via: Bhg

Original Entry #416, February 13, 2011

Have you ever noticed that the one place in your home that gets the most dirt, wear and tear, and wet spots is the entrance to your home? Whether you enter your home from the main front door, a garage door, or even a side laundry room, trying to keep this area organized and clean can be a challenge.

Last year mudrooms were the second most viewed topic and post on Stagetecture – Best of 2010 – #2: Mudrooms: A Place for Storage, Sitting and Slickers

Of course we would all love massive mudrooms that you can fit your child’s bedroom in, but what if you don’t have a lot of space? Today’s post is dedicated to making a small space into a mudroom. While it may not be a ‘room’, designating a hub spot for all of the boots, hats, backpacks and umbrella’s would certainly help – right?

Here are a few ideas to turn your small entry, or corner of your garage or laundry room into a perfect mudroom.. or mudspace!

Here are key items to make sure you have all the mudroom amenities you should need.

1.) Storage:

Movable, versatile boxes and baskets, as well as wall hooks for coats, winter wear and pet supplies!


Small movable storage is great for backpacks, purses, and winter wear

2.) Wet wear placement:

If you don’t have floor space, how about build cubbies with rubber mats to store shoes, and then have a bench to sit on below?


Store floor items above

3.) Maximize wall space

If you don’t have space to install cabinetry, use hooks and creative placement of wall organization to still have a perfect mudroom area.


Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

For more mudroom ideas and inspiration on Stagetecture, click here.

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