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Guest Blogger: The Advantages to Creating a Wet Room in your Home

Guest Blogger #376, Entry #968, February 21, 2012

As far as rooms in the home go, a full-blown wet room is one of the most stylish additions you can make to a home. The extremely contemporary space has its roots deep in ancient civilization, when Romans and Greeks alike used similar techniques to keep their bathing areas hygienic, attractive and clean.

wet room1

The advantages of a wet room for your home

Image: Sigma Builders

What is a wet room?

Wet rooms basically do away with anything unnecessary. They usually have only a single drain, though usually in partnership with a toilet and sink. While a lot of people will just assume that it’s a bathroom without the bath, the space and comfort it offers are two factors that have made it extremely popular in Europe.

A wet room often serves well as a second bathroom and will easily increase the value of your home; given that these spaces do away with the need for a bath, they can also open up a lot more space. Wet rooms are easier to clean, less costly to fit and cheap to create yourself, particularly if you do the tiling yourself. So, what do you need to prioritize when creating your wet room?

Tile considerations for your wet room

Well, naturally, tiles are probably the first thing you need to consider. While you’ll need to install a drain in the center of the room and ensure that a gentle slope is able to push any water in its direction, the tiles are the thing that makes a wet room what it is: waterproof. While you may want to get tile boards, they may not be too flexible – besides, you can create your own design cheaply with ceramic or (harder) porcelain tiles, emphasizing your own individuality.

wet room2

Wet rooms can save space in your home

Image: The Tile Centre

Wet room amenities

A matching wash basin and, if you want, a toilet will also be the next thing you need. From here, invest in the bits and bobs you need like a heated towel rack, waterproofed bathroom cabinet and mildew-free blinds, if a glazed window is not enough to protect privacy. The latter may be the best option, as you can ensure that you get the most light in the room as possible.

Finally, consider your shower carefully and be sure to allocate a large enough budget towards it. There’s no point in spending your hard-earned cash on a wet room and giving it a shoddy main appliance, after all!

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