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Guest Blogger: Couture Closets: New Trends in Closet Design

Guest Blogger #420, Entry #1034, March 22, 2012

If you consider yourself to be someone who is really fashion forward, then chances are that if (or when) you saw the Sex and the City movies, while some were caught up in the storyline, what may have been most memorable for you was the fashion…and Carrie’s closets. That would certainly make sense because if you love clothes, why would you not be just as invested in wanting a distinctive place to house them in?

As you’re scrolling through magazines looking for the latest fashion trends, perhaps you’re wondering what some of the latest couture closets have to offer as well. The cool thing is that while some of them would require quite a bit of room and space, there are others that you can incorporate into your own bedroom closet even now…no matter what the size.

closet idea

What is your closet missing to make it better?

Image via: California Closets

Over-the-top lighting

A hot trend right now with couture closets is hanging chandeliers from the ceiling. Now there are some by designers that can run you into the thousands (like the Janice Minor Three-Tiered Chandelier for around $2,200). But there are also beautiful ones for people on a budget. has a crystal Mini Semi Flush Mount on sale for $39.99, and if you’re looking for one in mini-size, has a Pink Sapphire Three Light Chandelier for $63.95.

Pull up a seat

If you look at some of the celebrity closets in In Style magazine, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of them have chairs, love seats or even sofas in their closet space. If you’re fortunate enough to have that kind of room in your own closet, that’s certainly a trend to consider. If not, there are two options to try. For one, there are companies that specialize in customizing closets. is one of them. Not only do they build closets, but they also provide consultation on how to organize the space inside to give you the room (for clothes and furniture) that you need. That company is based in New York, so if you don’t live there, you may want to do your own online search for similar companies in your own city. If that’s not something that you can currently afford, how about replacing the chair idea with something cute like a footstool? You can find those in many stores from Target and IKEA to and You can even customize it by having it reupholstered or if it’s wood, painting it.

closet idea2

Seating in the closet idea

Image via: Amazonaws

Add a bit of (different colored) paint

Some people prefer an accent wall in their bedroom. Why not try a new colored closet, instead? It’s true that oftentimes the last place that people think to use some of their artistic creativity is in their closet. After all, very rarely is anyone in there but you. But just think about how a splash of fuchsia or orange paint, or a couple of vinyl decors or even some glow-in-the-dark accents on the wall can add a bit of funk and creativity. It’s definitely an inexpensive way to make an avant garde impression. Even if it’s just upon yourself.

Go with a theme

Another idea that anyone can incorporate is to have their closets set to a theme. If it’s the 80s, use some neon colors and maybe put up a rock poster on a wall. If it’s the 70s, designer eyeglasses were really big back then. Frame some pressed flowers, put them in a plastic ball and hang it from the ceiling. Or get a miniature vertical shelf where you can put your sunglasses and jewelry. If you want to feel like you’re in your favorite department store, why not put up a few mirrors (that actually gives the effect that the closet is larger than it is!)? Or if you’d like more of an upscale look, purchase a really nice rug and if your closet happens to be in front of a window, hang some beautiful lace curtains from it.

closet idea3

Closet shelving can increase your usable space

Image via: Jessica Sutton

Incorporate some shelves

There aren’t too many high-end closets that don’t have shelves in them, and if you use them right, your closet can look just like an upscale boutique in no time. Of course, you can have some shelves built into your closet space, you can order some from or, or you can get really creative by looking for ways to give the illusion of there being shelves in your closet by getting some rectangular or square containers at the Whatever you decide, just remember that a part of the reason why the shelves in the magazines look so great is because the clothes are folded and hung up so well. Indeed, no closet is truly fashionable unless the clothes within them look absolutely fabulous to begin with!

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