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Guest Blogger: Helpful Tips for Selecting the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Guest Blogger #440, Entry #1057, March 30, 2012

Kitchen makeovers are attractive to many homeowners for two reasons. The first is that your kitchen is horribly outdated, less than functional, or both. In short, you are keen to make the space more livable for yourself. The other reason you might want to invest in some upgrades in this central home space centers on resale, and more specifically the fact that putting money into kitchen construction could result in a big payoff (or at least a decent return on investment) when you decide to sell your house. But regardless of the reasons behind your renovations, you may determine that one area you definitely want to address is the cabinetry. So here are just a few tips to help you out when it comes to selecting new cupboards for your kitchen.

ktichen cabinets 1

Design advice for choosing the right cabinet

Image via: Bhg

Find a good contractor

If you don’t have the first idea what you’re doing when it comes to kitchen upgrades it behooves you to hire a professional who has the four-one-one. Although you may have to do some searching to secure a contractor you trust, his invaluable advice will make this expenditure of time worthwhile. He can not only help you to determine what type of cabinetry will best suit your needs and aesthetic, but he also has the hookup to get you materials at discounted prices thanks to a network of vendors that he works with frequently.

Form follows function

You could have the prettiest cabinets in town, but if drawers stick, doors hang open, and you have to contort your entire body to reach hidden corner spaces, your cabinets aren’t really worth the tinder they’re made of. So before you install anything, consider what you like about your current cabinetry and which little oddities leave you scratching your head. Try to put future needs on your radar, as well, so that you can plan for them as you build. Once you have the basic layout in place you can think about adding some visual appeal.

Stylistic concerns

Whenever you undertake renovations in the home you need to consider how new items will fit in with the overall style of your space. While rustic, natural woods might be an excellent fit for your cabin in the woods, this type of cabinetry wouldn’t go so well with the clean lines of a modern city dwelling. So try to keep the bigger picture in mind, aesthetically speaking.

kitchen cabinets2

Choose cabinets to fit your lifestyle

Image via: Greige Design

Consider reclaimed cabinetry

Before you send the old stuff to the landfill and buy something brand new, visit a vendor that deals in reclaimed (and often refurbished) cabinets. You could get a steal on some truly spectacular cupboards and you may even be able to trade in your own gently used cabinets for some credit (making for a double whammy of eco-friendliness and savings!).

Refinishing or re-facing

If your cabinets are still in good shape you may be able to save some money and still engineer your upgrades by refinishing or re-facing your current cabinets. Considering this could save you tens of thousands of dollars it’s worth looking into. In terms of refinishing you could paint or stain your current cabinets, sand them down to remove wood grain, or even strip away paint or varnish to reveal the nude wood underneath. And when it comes to re-facing (or simply replacing doors) you could slap on veneers or follow current trends by punching out door panels to produce the aesthetic of curio display cabinets. All of these cosmetic options are less expensive alternatives to replacing perfectly solid cabinetry just for a change of scenery.

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