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Guest Blogger: How to Achieve Good Feng Shui in your Apartment

Guest Blogger #422, Entry #1036, March 23, 2012

Feng Shui principles rely on the placement of items in your living space to promote desirable flows of energy that govern your life, health and wealth. When you understand these simple principles, you’ll see that spending large sums initially for the desired effect is unnecessary. You have time to score deals on furniture pieces and accessories.

feng shui apartment

Feng shui tips to help your apartment

Image via: Fengshuiformy

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a very old Chinese philosophy of achieving harmony within and among your surroundings through balancing forces. Feng means wind and Shui means water. Air and water are two of the major needs of survival. These life-giving elements are in constant flow exerting influence on the quality of your life. This life force is known as your Chi.

Why Apply Feng Shui?

You can’t easily change universal forces to improve your own Chi, but you do have control over your personal living quarters. Every person’s needs and wants in life differ slightly. This is why there’s a vast selection of apartments from which to choose, each with desirable qualities.

Proximity to work, shopping and easy parking are ways in which you can strive to achieve the Feng Shui balance in your life. Maintaining a healthy body and healthy environment allows your Chi to flow through easily. With good Chi, you are open to receiving that for which you strive from life.

Is Feng Shui Complicated?

No. Those striving to make a fast buck off of new trends would have you believing you need a Feng Shui Master to tell you where to place a flower vase or what breed of pet you should own. Follow common sense and minimize clutter to promote easy flow. Adhere to the Yin Yang Theory. Yin represents the pulling or pushing forces while Yang is the receiver of Yin. Together they balance the universe.

feng shui apartment2

How can feng shui help in your home?

Image via: Anna Bohm.Pinterest

Does It Cost Much To Feng Shui My Apartment?

Promoting the best energy flow throughout an apartment using the five elements (Wu Xing) of earth, fire, water, wood and metal need not be any more expensive than other forms of interior design. You want what makes you feel in tune with the universe. Minimal design promotes better energy flow. Incorporating Feng Shui may be the best deal for your apartment decorating budget and your well-being.

Work within your apartment structure. Negative energy flow can be diverted simply by hanging a mirror. Positioning is more important than what you possess. The Commanding Position principle for important decor elements such as a bed or couch looks at maximizing:

  • position in relation to the main access
  • distance from the access
  • panoramic view of room centering from the access
  • direct sight of access but not a direct line from such

Common sense rules here. No one likes his or her back to a door or window. To ease this negative energy, move the furniture item or hang a mirror to give visibility. Keeping it simple and balanced is Feng Shui.

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