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-Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

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Everyday Centerpiece Ideas for your Dining Room Table

Entry #1074, April 9, 2012

Now that Easter has past and the Easter home decor goes away, what happens to the dinner table? Is it left bare until the next holiday comes around or do you just throw an old tablecloth over it and forget it? In my household it’s the latter and I realized that your dining room table can have everyday centerpieces that allow for beauty 24-7.

Here are some wonderful ideas for bringing touches of inspiration and aromatic touches to your dining room table, until the next holiday rolls around!

Simple galvanized pail with fresh blooms

everyday centerpiece 1

A pail and fresh flowers make an instant hit!

Create a festive centerpiece with fruit

everyday centerpiece2

Cake stands of varying sizes make a beautiful base

Create a tablescape with apothecary jars

everyday centerpiece3

Create memories from a recent vacation!

Group your favorite herbs together for a simple centerpiece

everyday centerpiece4

Fragrant herbs grouped together

Try these simple ideas for bringing color and creativity to your everyday dining room table. Use your imagination to create a unique sanctuary of family memories, hints of nature, or something you enjoy looking at throughout the day. Your dining room table never looked so good!

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  1. Gosia

    I haven’t realized this, Ronique, until I read your post, that, somehow, without much brain involvement, my dining table, inadvertently, becomes the stage for seasonal produce, flowers or greenery that the nature features at the time. One look at the table and it reveals it all. Presently, there are pots of parsley and basil that I forced indoors and they are plentiful, a small pot of miniature daffodils, albeit fainting, and a big bowl of juicy key limes (picked by yours truly) and which I hauled from Arizona as none of the neighbours wanted to pick citrus from their trees anymore, so I came to a rescue. Well, all this winded tirade is just to say, that you can place any kitchen-related produce on your dining table and you instantly have a picture-worthy vignette to brag about. Hugs. Gosia

  2. Post author

    Oh Gosia, I wish that was my table! What wonderful ideas you have given for simple dining room table centerpieces. :) Thanks so much my friend, and hugs to you!

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