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Guest Blogger: Beautifying your Interiors with Modern Rugs

Guest Blogger #462, Entry #1088, April 12, 2012

If you’re not lucky enough to have original oak floor boards in a period property, as many of us aren’t, there are many laminate flooring options out there that can be really convincing of the real thing. If you do go for the laminate flooring option, a great way to soften the aesthetic of your room is the addition of a rug.

colorful rugs

Beautify your home with modern rugs

Image via: The Land of Nod

The advantages of rugs in your home

With the rise of trend in laminate or tile flooring, over carpet options, rug use has come hand in hand. A rug has many pros over the carpet; a rug can be moved and washed at any time as well as being replaced easily when updating the colour scheme of your other furnishings or upholstery.

Use of a rug in the old days may have meant the owner couldn’t afford a whole carpet and therefor had to go for a cheaper equivalent, but today this is far from the truth. There are many high quality pieces out there and modern rugs can be the epitome of a stylish interior design when tied in with matching colours and textures in the room.

The type of rug you choose is completely dependent on your needs. If you have children for example a rug can act as a soft play area, a rug with an anti-slip function could work really well in this scenario.  If your intention is more fashion over function, think first about your overall colour scheme, once you have an idea of colour and texture; broaden your search from your local carpet store to other online stores such as who have a large range of stylish contemporary rugs to offer.

colorful rugs2

See the advantages of using rugs in your interiors

Image via: 2Modern Blog

Remember, whether your concern be safety or style, go for a top quality rug, one that will stand the test of time while remaining the centre piece of style in whatever room you see fit.

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  1. Carpet Cleaners

    For regular use rug is a great idea and it is durable and affordable to get the price to be made by using it.Also the looks to the interior it provides is also very different and attractive.Thanks for sharing.

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