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Guest Blogger: Maximizing A Luxury Electric Fireplace Year Around

Guest Blogger #464, Entry #1090, April 12, 2012

Whether you live in a country house or urban flat, the ambiance of a roaring fire during those winter days is second to none. You may have an existing fireplace you’re looking to update for a more contemporary style or are researching your property’s first ever fireplace and are worried about what option would be best suit your wants and needs, and most importantly, your budget.


Make your interiors luxurious with electric fireplaces

The first thing to decide would be what type of fireplace you would like. If your house already has a working coal fireplace you might want to stick with that method and just update your hearth and mantle but in the interest of your carbon foot print as well as your pocket, it might be advisable to move to electric or gas. For older individuals or younger families with the interest of safety in mind, an electric or gas fire might be the only option in terms of ease. There are many high efficiency fireplaces on the market and electric seems to be out doing gas on that front.


Year around ambiance with electric fireplaces

Finally, think about the aesthetic of your fireplace. There are lots of stylish contemporary designs out there and many of them are available at online stores such as Direct Fires Online. The first option is the in terms of the actual awning and fire surrounding are the classic Victorian style fireplaces; these could be cast iron, marble or granite. Wood Fireplaces are also coming back into trend and can soften the look of your room entirely. The most contemporary in style and biggest trend in the fireplace family though, would be the wall hanging fireplace.  Wall hanging fireplaces are easily installed and many of them are simply plug in and go, which saves the customer costly electrician fees.  A contemporary fireplace of this nature can add a touch of luxury and class to any room and many of the high efficiency fireplaces have settings where the light, but no heat is emitted, which means creating a sense of ambiance can cheaper than ever before!

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