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How to Organize Your Laundry Room for Efficiency

Entry #1214, May 23, 2012

The laundry room is a place for used apparels, towels, and washing and drying clothes. It is also an area for laundry equipment and solutions. But this should not be an excuse for this room to be cluttered and chaotic. Laundry room should be kept clean and organized to protect all clothing from being misplaced or damaged.

Laundry rooms are typically not spacious. Hence, placing things in order can be an extreme challenge. To make this task easy for you, here are some helpful tips to organize your laundry room for efficiency:

Divide your laundry room into four zones for efficiency

Image via: Houzz

Apportion your laundry room into four zones.

The four zones are loading or reception section, laundry equipment area, folding corner and the utility area. The reception area is the zone where all laundry mats are to be placed. This includes laundry and storage bins. You may have separate bins for colored and white laundry mats. For the laundry equipment area, make sure that it is accessible to water supply and drainage. This zone may take the biggest division of your laundry room. The folding corner is a zone wherein you can fold over the dry and clean laundries. This area does not necessarily need to be spacious. The utility area is where you can store laundry solutions, ironing equipment, cleaning tools, and other objects needed for laundry.

Choose innovative laundry furniture or a laundry closet and rack.

Nowadays, there are several laundry furniture and accessories that are flexible and convertible into something useful. For instance, the sleek design laundry bag sorter with hanging bar can accommodate bulk laundry mats without occupying huge space. Also, there is a wall mounted laundry drying rack that can be stretched out if you need to hang your clothing and can be hidden after use.

laundry room idea1

Organize your laundry room for efficiency

Image via: Bhg

Prefer a dependable and efficient all-in-one laundry machine.

Almost all laundry machine manufacturers are now introducing heavy-duty and compact washing machine for home application. These are built to address the need for home laundry machine that can fit the laundry loads without getting a large space in your laundry room.

With a little help from other family members at home, organizing your laundry room for efficiency will never be a tedious and strenuous task.

For more laundry room ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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