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Guest Blogger: How to Make Your Own Recycled Pet Bed

Guest Blogger #577, Entry #1318, June 20, 2012

You are going green and now your dog(s) can too with a recycled pet bed and toys. After all, your best friend should be environmentally conscious too, right? From clothing to collars to pet wipes to shampoos, you can find eco friendly products made out of all kinds of materials, including bamboo. Check out below for some ideas for environmentally friendly pet beds and more.

recycled pet bed1

Reuse items in your home for a pet bed

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Soda Bottle Beds

A popular eco-friendly pet bed idea is to make one out of recycled soda bottles. Yes, you read that correctly. Soda bottles! Featuring organic covering and using 100% recycled plastic for the stuffing; West Paw Design has re-engineered over 4 million soda bottles for pet beds and toys since 2006.

Recycled Mattress Materials

St. Vincent de Paul, a nonprofit Agency, has designed “green” pet beds too. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, the beds are made from recycled mattress materials including batting made of recycled cotton.

Simply put, St. Vincent de Paul’s goal is to reuse products and reduce waste.

Tennis Balls

As odd as it may sound, there is now a bed made from recycled tennis balls. I can only imagine that this bed is every dog’s dream. The bed uses tennis balls and a small cushion to create this comfy space for your pet.

Pet beds

Pet bed made from twice recycled vintage sheets. Kittens love it.

Hemp Beds

With stuffing also made from plastic bottles, hemp beds by Harry Baker are another alternative. The cover is made with 100% hemp fabric. They are strong, durable, mildew resistant and hypo-allergenic.

Miscellaneous Materials

With a couple of dollars to spare, a little time, and some basic sewing skills, you can make a one of kind pet bed for cat or dog. Pick up some old flannel pajamas, a wool afghan, or a flannel sweatshirt and a little stuffing or an old pillow and you are on your way to making a personalized pet bed. Of course, these materials could also be used to make a variety of eco friendly, pet loving toys too.

And, we cannot forget all the beds and toys that can be made out of unusual products from vintage suitcases to old computer monitors, to bamboo poles to camping tents. Basically, the sky is the limit when you are considering re-purposing something into a pet bed or toy.

pet beds2

Recycled pet beds they will love!

It’s easy to see why recycled pet beds and environmentally friendly toys are becoming more and more popular. While being good for the environment, you can buy or create a fun, creative and one of a kind piece for your four legged furry friend. And, we will all be able to rest easier!


Jim Shannon


Jim Shannon started Bamboo Habitat in 2004 and has been selling bamboo ever since. At Bamboo Habitat you’ll find a wide variety of bamboo poles. Bamboo poles are used to build fence, wall covering and even bikes! Give him a call to discuss your next bamboo project.

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