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Creative Crafts from your Collected Vacation Seashells

Entry #1369, July 7, 2012

Are you having fun every time you go for a beach vacation? Well, bring home the splash experience into your home by collecting seashells and make them into home decor. Often times we keep seashells in a bag or jar and forget about them after our vacation. Use your seashells for decorative display in your home and bring a piece of your vacation back to your interiors. It’s easy yet you will be amazed on how it enhances your home.

seashell crafts1

Bring seaside inspiration to your home with seashell crafts

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Here are some creative ideas using seashells:

Shell Wind Chimes

The sound of wind chimes creates welcoming sound for our guests. It is easy to make wind chimes out of seashells. All you need are shell shards and bead threads.  Drill small holes on opposite sides of each shell. In groups of 3, knot the thread with shells. Spaced shells evenly. To secure the knot, add a small bead on both ends. Braid each of the threads with shells into a rope or hoop. Make as many groups of shells you want. Hang your finished seashell wind chimes and give your home seaside flair.

Shell Candles

Shell candles can add a lovely touch to your room or any home centerpiece.  To create your own pretty shell candles, prepare the shells and wash them thoroughly to remove dirt. Let them dry for about 20 to 30 minutes. Melt a paraffin wax into the shells according to its label instructions. Stir consistently and let it cool for 15 minutes. Place the wicks into your shells preferably in the deepest part of the shell for an utmost burning time. Pour the wax onto the shell. Once it has solidified, trim the wicks and clean off any wax on the side and back of your shell.

shell planter

Create fun crafts from your vacation seashells

Image via

Seashell Night Light

A seashell night light does not only help you avoid bumps in the middle of the night but also adds a feel of island magic to your room. Bring the memories of your beach vacation by turning your plain nightlight lamp into an adorable seashell nightlight. Look for flat shells and soak them in a mixture of bleach and water. This will remove flakes on the shells. Rinse shells with water and let it dry. Remove the cover from the night-light clip and replace it with your shells using epoxy or glue. After all shaded areas are covered, plug in the nightlight and see how your handcraft glows beautifully in your room.

shell mood lighting

Summertime is perfect for collecting sea shells and making crafts

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Instead of throwing those collected seashells into a forgotten corner, use them to relive memories of a great vacation. These creative ideas will bring out your artistic skills and have great beach side experience. You will definitely look forward to your next beach vacation.

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