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Simple Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas

 Guest Blogger #642, Entry #1526, August 29, 2012

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor space is a huge asset to any property and business, so logically it’s best to make the fullest use of such a space as possible. Outdoor lighting allows you to continue barbecues, events and parties later into the night, making them ideal for both homes and hotels. The other advantage of installing outdoor lights are the benefits it provides for both personal safety and the security of your property. There is nothing worse than having to negotiate a garden path in darkness, and it can also be potentially dangerous. With the technology available, there’s no need for garden lighting to be expensive or harmful to the environment.

garden lighting ideas

Brighten your outdoor garden with simple lighting

Image Pinterest

Stylish ways to brighten your garden

There are many different stylish and practical ways to light up your outdoor space. Lights can be mounted on walls, allowing you to light up a specific area with ease without taking up any space. They are ideal for patios and decking adjacent to the building. Another option is ground lighting, which can be used to illuminate pathways or provide gentler lighting to specific areas. They are available in various sizes and styles, from smaller ground level lighting to larger pedestal style lights. Lights such as these can be installed into decking or dug into lawns to allow them to be almost invisible when turned off, and the larger ones come in various designs, allowing them to become a feature of your outdoor space.

Lanterns are probably the most versatile lights to use outdoors, as they can be moved wherever they are needed, and even stowed away when they are not required. They can be placed on the ground, on walls or tables, or even hung from walls, roofs, or bespoke holders. Once again, the designs of outdoor lanterns vary from the classic to the modern and stylish, meaning there are endless options. It’s even possible to embed lighting within steps or brickwork, making walkways and steps safer at night as well as providing stylish, subtle low level lighting in almost any area. Recessed in walls, they can add atmosphere and ambience to any area without taking up space, as they provide many options in terms of brightness, design and beam direction.

garden lighting ideas2

Enhance your garden with lighting additions

Image Fun Design Ideas

Outdoor lights do not have to be a burden on your electricity bill; many run from solar power, collecting energy during the day to use after dark, and a lot of lights have motion sensors, meaning they are only switched on when they are needed. This means that they are environmentally friendly as well as economical. Outdoor lights can provide a centrepiece for a patio area, or be so subtle that they’re barely noticed. They range from the classic and traditional to the ultra sleek and modern, meaning there are lighting products for all tastes and spaces. Whether you’re looking to make the most of a garden or patio, or looking to create a fantastic feature to attract visitors to your hotel or guest house, there are countless lighting ideas that create a stunning effect for relatively little money or effort.

Have a look at more types of outdoor lighting by visiting

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  1. joan

    I want to buy some of the glow in the dark paint, we life in Namibia,Walvisbay.Can you please tell me how to get it.or do you know where in Namibia I can find the paint.
    thanks for the good reading and ideas.

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