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‘Simple Must-Do’ Tips – Front Door Color & Summertime Curb Appeal

 Entry #1450, August 8, 2012

I received great feedback from you all on my new series on Stagetecture called – ‘Simple Must-Do Tips‘. Each week I will pick 3 tips from the 111 Simple Tips for your Everyday Home ebook and expand upon them to help you get more insight into that specific room. These are quick tips that you can click on the link to get the entire article and advice in an expanded version.

front door color

Spruce up your front entry with an eye-catching color

Image via

This week brighten up your summertime curb appeal before fall sets in! From your landscaping and walkway to the front of your home, check out these helpful tips for summertime outdoor sprucing of your exterior home. Speaking of curb appeal, how about choosing a front door color? Here are inspiration ideas to help you choose the perfect color to welcome in guests! This week’s Simple Must-Do Tips is all about your outdoor home.

How to Increase your Home’s Summertime Curb Appeal

Increasing summertime curb appeal shouldn’t be a challenge each time you drive down the driveway past your house and the first thing that comes to your mind is, “How do I make the exterior of this house look better?” it only means one thing; your curb really needs some touches to it. Based on this, it becomes necessary that one or more changes be made to enhance the look of your home from down the street. Listed below are some of the ways you can increase the curb appeal of your home.
summertime curb appeal

Get your summertime curb appeal ready for the fall

Image via

Spruce your front door: This is one affordable way of enhancing your home from the outside. You can do this by repainting the existing from door or completely going for a replacement. Should you choose to repaint it, make sure that the color you go for is not the one that will look awkward but stand out and make the door to become a focal point as far as the exterior of the home.


Read the rest of the full article: Summertime Curb Appeal


Choosing a Welcoming Exterior Front Door Color

Choosing a welcoming exterior front door color has never been an easy task but when you know how and when to go about it, then it can become a lot easier. First, you need to know that the type of color you chose for the entrance door to your home goes a long way to influence the surroundings of such home. You don’t have to choose the color of your door based on the existing colors in the interior. For  the best results, make a choice of your color based on what you have outside the home. Listed below are certain tips to keep you going in your intended home improvement

front door color2

What color will attract and welcome guests?

Choose the right pigment: You can only succeed in this by first, noting the natural hues of the landscape of your home and other buildings close to it. This will help you to go for such color that would not in any way, clash with the exterior of your home. Do you have portions of your home that has stone, brick or any other natural material? If yes, then these should inspire your decision of the right color for your exterior front door.

Read the rest of the full article: Front Door Color

Look for Stagetecture’s new weekly feature – ‘Simple Must-Do Tips‘ next week!

To receive more home inspiration get 111 Simple Tips for your Everyday Home Ebook here.

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