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Summer Garage, Kids’ Rooms & Laundry Areas

Entry #1431, August 1, 2012

I received great feedback from you all on my new series on Stagetecture called – ‘Simple Must-Do Tips‘. Each week I will pick 3 tips from the 111 Simple Tips for your Everyday Home ebook and expand upon them to help you get more insight into that specific room. These are quick tips that you can click on the link to get the entire article and advice in an expanded version.

kids room organization

Help your kids organize their room

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This week I help you find more space and get organized in your summer garage. Get your summer garage for ready for the fall. With the season winding down use these helpful tips to get prepared now. Then help your kids organize their rooms with tips for storage, display, and more. Lastly, making your laundry room functional and easy to get around. Don’t dread your laundry room anymore!

Organizing your Summer Garage for the Fall

When organizing your summer garage for the fall season, create more fun than stress if you know how to go about it. If you are among those getting your garage ready for the fall, the tips listed below will go a long way in helping you out. They are:

Categorize: This is the first step towards organizing your garage. This means that the seasonal gardening tools should have their own corner, the seasonal sporting equipment should have their own corner too. The same thing applies to the regular home improvement tools, car repair kit and the grill items.
Read the rest of the full article: Summer Garage
organizing summer garage

Start the fall cleanup now!

Helping your Kids Organize their Room

Have you been shying away from helping your kids organize their rooms? If your answer is yes, now is the time for you to stamp your feet and say no to such scenes as tossed toys, heaped clothes, overflowing drawers and messy beds. Continually throwing up your hands in exasperation will in no way, help the situation but taking charge and showing your children how they can maximize space and be more comfortable when they keep their rooms clean will help the situation. I want to point out that you should not do this alone, the children should be actively involved because that is the only way they will learn the necessary skill of organizing their spaces, even as adults.

De-clutter the room: Whether you like it or not, even though there is a playroom in the home for your kids, they would always play in their rooms and because of this, you always find their room stuffed or scattered with assorted toys and clothes. If this is the case, get hold of your garbage bag and with the kids right beside you, get rid of those toys and clothes they have outgrown. You can donate such items to charity or dispose them properly.
Read the rest of the full article: Kids’ room organization
kids room

Kids room organization tips

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How to Make your Laundry Room Multi-Functional

Have you been frantically searching for tips on how to make your laundry room multi-functional? You don’t have to search any further because by the time you are through with reading this post, you will be able to double up on the little space you already have which at the end of the day, will see your laundry room not just serving its purpose but also lending itself for other useful purposes. Now, you can only meet this aim if you know what you want and take time to dream big and make plans. Listed below are the tips that will help.

Location: This is very important when it comes to maximizing the functions of your laundry room. Therefore, it is important that in choosing where the laundry room will be, you should make a choice of a part of the home that will be easily accessible for other needs and functions.

Read the rest of the full article: Laundry room ideas

laundry room3

Create a functional laundry room

Look for Stagetecture’s new weekly feature – ‘Simple Must-Do Tips‘ next week!

To receive more home inspiration get 111 Simple Tips for your Everyday Home Ebook here.

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