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Beautifying your Modern Home with Creative Wall Murals

Entry #1622, September 21, 2012

Wall murals are often indicative of a huge and luxurious structure. The extravagance of murals can make a simple wall a magnificent work of art – a beautiful canvass at home. It makes a wonderful theme that you intend to bring about for your family and guests.

Nowadays, wall murals are not that expensive. With the recent development in printing and technology, you can choose and design wall murals according to your theme. Wall murals can be a great option at home. It is one of the best alternatives for paint and wall decorations.

wall mural city

Create a one of a kind room with gorgeous wall murals.

All images via

Here are some advantages of using creative wall murals in your interiors.

Easy to install

Once upon a time wall murals were laborious and took days for a painter to do by hand. Today, wall murals, or wall decals are made of thin adhesive canvass built for durability. With proper installation, these wall murals can sustain even with active family lifestyle at home. Adhesives are readily available and cost-efficient. You can do it yourself during weekends or holidays.

wall mural bamboo

Wall murals can beautify the most boring wall!

Detailed and customized artwork

There are manufacturers that allow their clients to upload your own photographs or anything you have in mind as your mural designs. With custom wall murals, you can transform your home into a unique and innovative home environment. For instance, you can have a galactic mural in your kid’s room, a scene of waterfalls in the bathroom, or a picturesque view of a landmark for your kitchen. You name it, now your home interiors can be transformed into your favorite location with a simple wall mural installation.

wall mural waterfall

Who wouldn’t love this waterfall mural in their bathroom?

Endless possibilities

Wall murals are not only great for walls but also for cabinets or other furniture. You just have to measure accurately the dimension of your furniture and stick on the mural. Also, murals can provide an optical illusion for your home. With the right design or image, you can extend your home as if it has an extension or extended area.

So, if you are considering a home renovation, try this wall mural idea. A simple yet elegant way to refashion your home.

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