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Decorating Ideas for Backyard Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Entry #1543, September 1, 2012

There are lots of advantages associated with a backyard wedding but to make the most of these advantages, it is necessary you have a good knowledge of some of the decorating ideas for backyard fall wedding centerpieces. When you choose to have your a backyard wedding, not only do you save money that would have gone into renting hall or church for the ceremony, you are also very comfortable because you are right in your home, a place where you feel very confident and safe. Based on this, you can make your backyard wedding very elegant and romantic through proper decoration. Listed below are some helpful tips.

fall wedding centerpiece

Fall wedding centerpiece idea

Image via


Using Pine Cones and Berries:

Yes, you read right. During fall, pine cones and berries are known to look amazing when used as the focal point of a centerpiece or decoration. In order to make a long lasting centerpiece, you can use artificial berries by wrapping them round your pillar candles and sticking the cones all round the edge of the candles.

Using Candles:

This is usually the most viable among the various decorating ideas for backyard fall wedding centerpieces. The reasons being that they are not expensive and if it gets darker as the ceremony lasts, you can light up the space in a special kind of way. Is it a vintage wedding? Then you should consider displaying your candles inside coloured glasses bearing in mind that the glasses could be of varied sizes, colours and designs to bring in more charm to your decoration.

fall wedding centerpiece2

Natural grasses make for a beautiful fall wedding centerpiece

Image via

Create Cornucopia:

Have you ever seen a centerpiece that comprises of various fruits, grains and nuts? It is simply amazing. All you need do is get decorative baskets and fill them with assorted fruits, grains and nuts to the brim and even overflowing on the table. It works better if you go for those fruits that have earth colours like golden red, brown and yellow. The guests could help themselves to the fruits or even allowed to go home with the baskets to serve as souvenirs from your wedding.


fall wedding centerpiece3

What a wonderful idea for the fall!

Image via

Apart from these tips on decorating ideas for backyard fall wedding centerpieces, you should also pay attention to other accessories you use in your decoration so that they blend well. These include silverware, table runners and tablecloths. The theme and colour scheme of the ceremony should be incorporated into all of these accessories. At the end of the day, you will be amazed by the effect your inexpensive and charming centerpiece decoration will have on your guests.

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  1. Wholesale Event Solutions

    You can’t beat a backyard wedding! It seems like people are being a little bolder with their fall color choices in the last few years though. I have noticed brighter oranges and gold. I really like the calmer earth tones that you are using here.

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