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How to Create a Mudroom in a Small Space

Guest Blogger #674, Entry #1604, September 17, 2012

There is hardly any home that would not do with a small mudroom and this is what brings us to the issue of creating a mudroom in a small home office, entryway or apartment. A lot of persons would agree with me that it makes your home look cleaner and takes less time to keep in order when you have a space where the muddy and wet boots, jackets, umbrellas, rain coats and other similar items are kept. In some instances, the mudroom has even to a large extent, served as another viable storage area for certain homes. It could be that your space is very small but even at that, you can always create a space where you and other members of your household can drop off wet items of clothing before going into the living space. Mudrooms can be located in Contemporary Home & Garden Offices or small apartments and rental properties. The trick is finding out how to make the best use of them.

small mudroom ideas

A small entry can make a great mudroom

Image via

You don’t really need to have a large space before you can create a mudroom because even with something as small as a closet, you can create such room. With even the little space that exists by the wall of another room, mudrooms can be created. So, keep your tight budget and your limited space apart and by the time you know it, with the tips listed below, you will be able, with some creativity and quality time, create an awe-inspiring mudroom within your home. Check out these tips on how to create a mudroom in a small space. They are:

Consider who will use the mudroom:

This will play a major role on how the space is designed. If you have kids in the home, then the hooks in the space should be installed at a level where the children’s hands can easily reach them to hang or take their coats. This will make the space not to be packed with coats that could not be hung.

Install shelves:

This is another way you can create space for more items in your little mudroom. With the shelves installed, there should be clear markers of the purposes of such shelves and who owns which shelve.

Put in a bench with storage space:

Since it is necessary to have a seat where you can comfortably sit to remove or wear your boots, in order to make most of the limited space you have, the bench you put into the space should come with storage space under so that even you use it as a seat, it also houses some important items that could be loitering in the mudroom.

small mudroom

Use these tips for your small mudroom

Image via

Make it clutter-free:

You don’t have to put in items you no longer need inside the mudroom since this can make it cluttered and take up the little space you have in there. Keep items that are no longer of use, like undersized and worn out booths, broken umbrellas and others, away from the room.

With these tips for creating a mudroom in a small spaceyou are really going to have fun creating mudrooms from your limited spaces and also, making the most of them.

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