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Saving Energy with Valuable Home Climate Control Tips

Guest Blogger #687, Entry #1623, September 21, 2012

When it comes to maintaining the temperature in your home most home owners spend over 40% of their household bills on either cooling or heating the various rooms in the house. There are a number of options available to home owners to successfully manage these costs more effectively. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round.

living room scenic view

Use these climate control tips to save energy this season

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Keep your thermostat at a fixed temperature

One of the most effective ways to set the climate control for your home is to install several thermostats throughout the house. This allows you to regulate the temperate in different rooms. However to stop your household bills rocketing make sure you monitor the top temperature carefully. Some kits give you the option to fix the temperature which prevents children from tampering with the dials and running up enormous bills without your knowledge.

Ventilation fans

Keeping your kitchen and bathroom cool is a must to prevent damp and other unpleasant fungus growing. So installing a ventilation fan which can be switched on when cooking or bathing will help to improve aeration in these rooms. It’s important to use these sparingly and only turn them on for short periods of time or they will use up a lot of energy.

Cool down in the summer

When it comes to the summer it can be very difficult to sleep when it becomes sticky and humid. An air conditioning unit can be a portable solution to keep you cool for a few weeks. If you are unsure whether this is the right solution you may want to consider air conditioning hire and test out the unit before you buy one. Many families simply hire then during the height of summer and return them as the temperatures drop. Air conditioning hire offers a choice of models to suit the room so from your bedroom to home office you can pick something to suit your needs.

white living room and kitchen

Ensure your home stays cool & warm in the appropriate seasons

Image via

Clean your radiators and keep the air flow clear

It may sound obvious but before you start complaining about the temperature in your home check that the radiators have free air flow. To enable these to work effectively the air must be able to circulate. So give the radiators a good dust, remove any blockages or curtains which may be preventing them from working efficiently. You can then turn down the temperature and allow them to work properly.

Close your doors

Another way to maintain the climate control in your home more effectively is to close doors of rooms you are not using. Keeping the doors shut will keep the heat in and also stop cold or warm air escaping to unused rooms in the house.

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