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How to Choose Space Saving Home Office Furniture

Guest Blogger #709, Entry #1652, September 26, 2012

Are you one of the millions of people who work from home? If so, then you are probably also one of the millions of people who is a bit cramped when it comes to the space that you have. That’s because a lot of people do not move into their house with a home office in mind or, if they do, they end up selecting one of the smallest rooms available.

small home office furniture

Small office furniture ideas

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Yet, being that you’re spending 6-8 (or more) hours per day in that space, wouldn’t it make sense that you would decorate it in a way that would provide you with as much room as possible? It can be challenging to find just the right piece of furniture for a small office, but we have some tips and suggestions that can make it much easier for you to do:

Do a bit of wall mounting.

A cute, trendy and space-saving option is to purchase furniture that can be mounted onto the wall. Now, we’re not just talking about bookshelves. You can actually get tables and desks that can put installed on the side of one of your walls too. Manufacturers that make this kind of furniture include Wal-Mart, Amazon and Home Depot.

Buy a couple of ottomans.

Ottomans are fabulous, not just because they come in a variety of styles, fabrics and sizes, but also because you can use them for a myriad of things. They can be an extra seat, they can serve as a storage place for additional books and files and they can even be a footstool for when you need to take a coffee (or tea) break.

Try a loveseat instead of a sofa.

When you’re working from home, it’s rare that you’ll have more than a couple of people in your office at a time, so unless you’re “doubling it up” as a home office/guest room, there’s really no need for something as big as a sofa. Opt for purchasing a love seat, instead. It provides basically the same effect, but at about half the size.

small home office furniture ideas

What furniture will help your small home office?

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Get creative with your bookshelves. is a company that customizes bookshelves. If you go to their website, you’ll that they have a really cool idea that consists of connecting your bookshelf to the back of your door. There’s also a website known as that has creative bookshelves on sale including leaning ladders and revolving bookcases, all for pretty reasonable prices. For more information, go to their website and put “space saving bookcase” in the search engine.

Don’t forget to get a space saving chair.

While at your desk doing work like sending out emails, creating signage and making phone calls, you’re usually sitting on something, right? When you’re out looking for space saving furniture, don’t forget about looking for a chair that will be comfortable for you while not being all-consuming in your office. There are desks that have chairs that are built into them, there are chairs that you can fold up at the end of the day and there are chairs that have a storage place under them for things like your laptop. They require a bit more effort to find, but if you Google them, a few ideas will definitely pop up.

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