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DOMSAI Terrarium Office Plants to Green Your Work Space

Entry #1712, October 11, 2012

Are you tired of looking bundles of papers, computers and other office essentials? Want to experience even a little piece of nature outside inside your office? Well, you might just want to add a Domsai terrarium office plant on top of your table. This decorative piece of cactus dome will definitely change the view of your office on the spot, and green your area at the same time.

office plants DOMSAI

Green your workspace with DOMSAI terrariums

All images via

This teeny weeny decorative cactus container is designed to hold and grow cactus beautifully in a blown glass dome. It comes in white and gold colors. For those who want it in white, the dimension is 14 X 14 X 28h cm. The Domsai gold is a bit larger than the white that has a dimension of 20 X 20 X 35h cm. The Domsai comes in different designs like bulb like dome, curve, pointed tip, random sphere and tube-like structure.

Here are some great features of Domsai terrariums for your office enhancement:

Simple and Elegant

The design of Domsai is very suitable for any type of office theme. Color white and gold give an impression of serenity, productivity and calmness. You can select from wide varieties of innovative styles available for your office that fits your character. Domsai also has different varieties of cactus you desired.

Being Green

Having a plant in your office can really make a difference. It makes you feel the refreshing look of the cactus and have a feel of the environment even in your office. With cactus, you can be sure that it demands less water and maintenance. But being less in maintenance doesn’t mean less in appearance. In fact, cactus has a unique and gorgeous look that you will certainly appreciate.

office plants idea DOMSAI

Whimsical terrariums to green your office desk


Your office arrangement is not a permanent thing. Hence, the Domsai fits this scenario. With its dimension, you can move it easily from one area to another – quick and simple. You can also be certain that wherever you choose to place the Domsai, it will make your home office environment more enjoyable!

Get hold of this cute and fancy Domsai in your office and you will get more than what you paid for.

For more office ideas on Stagetecture, click here.



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