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Get Inspired with Fall Wedding Color Ideas

Entry #1753, October 24, 2012

When it comes to weddings, you can’t settle for anything less. Autumn inspired wedding colors, fabrics, and flowers can create the ultimate event. It is one of a kind event that is highly anticipated not only for the couple but also for parents, relatives and guests. Indeed, wedding is one of the most anticipated and exciting events in a couple’s journey.

For a couple who plans to have their wedding this fall, several themes can be chosen to go with the season. The couple can choose from different motif that best reflects their love story, personality, and preference. And since it’s fall season, a lot of wedding color motif ideas are available for any couple.

fall wedding color ideas

Inspiring autumn wedding color ideas

Image via

Orange and Green Motif

If you like it bold and classic, this one’s for you! It provides a warm and pleasant color scheme that is perfect for this time of the year. Orange and green colors are very camera-friendly, so you will definitely have a standout wedding album. The couple can pick calla lilies, dahlias and roses to complete the wedding essentials.

Cranberry and Bold Pink Motif

This is one of the best color motifs you can choose. It will definitely set the mood for love and passion all over the venue. This motif provides superb elegance and great ambiance for the wedding ceremony. For flower arrangements, the couple can choose Stargazer lilies to bring out the best of this motif.

fall wedding color centerpiece

Autumn inspired wedding centerpiece

Image via

Red and Orange Motif

The red and orange motif is probably the most popular. The deep rust tones provide a perfect color for the celebration. This motif looks so elegant and attractive. It can be highlighted with white and deep red roses combined with an orange flower for a perfect bridal bouquet or center table arrangement.

Bring out the best on your wedding day with these wedding color motif ideas that will definitely make your celebration extraordinary and memorable.

For more wedding ideas on Stagetecture, click here.


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