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Halloween Candle Centerpieces: Modern, Edgy, Elegant & Glam

Entry #1741, October 20, 2012

Halloween is only weeks away – have you planned your Halloween night yet? Preparing for Halloween, the dining table will be the first one to get all the attention – it is a central part of your public space, yet an intimate place where family and friends get together to share meals.
Traditional orange and black meet in a fascinatingly simple table arrangement that features trio-colored candles, dark branches that confer elegance and small snakes contrasting the orange tablecloth. Choosing a mirror to double the impact of such a scene also offers a gloomy atmosphere once the night sets.

Halloween candle centerpiece

Create the ultimate Halloween centerpiece with candles


Unleash your imagination with Halloween candle centerpieces that combine unusual materials and favorite decor around the house. If you live by the beach, find broken shells and algae to support your creepy Halloween centerpiece.

Feathers and black textile roses pleasantly adorn  a bunch of black candles – an illustration of a non-traditional Halloween you can use to create a different centerpiece this year. Think unusual materials and textures, add the perfect candle (be it black or shaped like a mummy) and create stunning arrangements you can be proud of.

Halloween candle centerpiece

Black and orange candle Halloween centerpiece

How about choosing wood to describe this deadly season, when trees die a bit every day and you can clearly see this in their bloody-colored leaves. Orange nuances throning over the little green left, multiplying in pumpkins and succumbing in yellow tones remind me of sickness. A log pierced with candles accompanied by small pumpkins and dead leaves would be a reminder of this decay, but it will not instigate a thought like the one I just described – it’s too elegant to scare jolly people, it might not match cute mummies or plastic spiders either. This log centerpiece can be your DiY project for this upcoming Halloween.

Halloween candle centerpiece ideas

Love this natural idea for a Halloween candle

A single carefully chosen Halloween candle can make or break a table. Take as example this brightly colored candle picturing an animal leg – it’s perfect for a very chic, modern and youthful Halloween, where vivid colors throne over interesting patterns and extend the holiday into the age of fashionable home accessories. This last photo is part of the Haunted House Collection by Debbie. The collection encompasses a whimsical set of decorations that create a glamorous atmosphere, perfect for those looking to have a charming Halloween. As you can see, there are plenty of ideas you can choose from to have the most beautiful Halloween ever. I strongly encourage you to come up with your own ideas on creating this Halloween’s atmosphere – it’s all about magic for one night, so why not take advantage?


Halloween candle centerpiece

Ghoulish fun with Halloween candles

Enjoy your time at home surrounded by family and friends and have a Happy Halloween!

Photo images: 1,2,3,4.

Ada Teicu is a dedicated writer sharing finds about architecture, design and creativity. Inspired by the new and exciting things she sees daily, Ada puts pieces side by side to offer the landscape of modern architecture, sometimes entangled with personal experiences on her blog.

For more Halloween ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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