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Festive Holiday Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Entry #1869, November 26, 2012

Getting married this winter season is a great idea. The cold weather gives a romantic ambiance for couples who promised to love each other and start a new life together. It is definitely a season of love and sharing. One of the major concerns in wedding preparation is the table setting. Of course, your guests should find it pleasing and convenient to stay and eat.

 christmas wedding centerpiece ideas

Who wouldn’t love this festive decor at your wedding tables?

Image via

To make your table setting impressive, you have to make sure that you have a beautiful plant centerpiece for each table. Plants can make it look so natural and attractive. It is one of the best ways to make your table look lively and eye-catching for your guests.

To provide you inspiration, here are some of the plant centerpiece ideas that you can have for your wedding:

Have a combination of green plants and gold utensils

When you landscape your table centerpiece with green plants like gold utensils, it will display an impressive and utmost elegance to your table setting. You don’t have to worry about the plants. It can be a combination of Hydrangeas, fluffy plumes of golden rod, lotus, or any other plants you have in your garden. Just be creative with landscaping.

holiday wedding centerpiece

Holiday wedding centerpiece ideas

Image via

Repurpose wooden crates as plant container

If you want to have it unique and environment-friendly, try this beautiful table centerpiece idea. This wooden crate centerpiece is perfect for rectangular table. You can have plants like African Hemp, Cristatus, Agavaceae and some other succulent plants. You need not paint or do a major revamp with the crates. The more natural it looks – the better.

Southwest inspired centerpiece

This is a stunning piece of art in your table centerpiece. This idea combines various plants with different colors that blend together to form a masterpiece. It’s like a beautiful work of art that will definitely enhance your table setting.

southwestern wedding centerpiece

What about this southwestern inspired centerpiece idea?

Image via

These are just a few holiday wedding plant centerpiece ideas that you can think about. It is best to consider the availability of plants and materials used in the ideas presented.

For more wedding ideas on Stagetecture, click here.


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