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Guest Blogger: Boy’s Bedroom Western Theme Ideas

Guest Blogger #794, Entry #1883, November 29, 2012

If you’re someone who lives out on a country plain, you love to watch old western movies, or you have family members who are farmers or even cowboys for a living, then there’s a really big chance that your influence will rub off on the young boy who you love so much.

As you’re in the midst of doing some bedroom decor renovations, perhaps you’re considering giving your son a bit of a western theme and you’re looking for some design ideas that are relatively quick, easy and not super expensive.

boys western bedroom idea

Try these tips for creating a boys western room

Image via: Jean Macrea Interiors

If so, we have five really great ones that will definitely cater to the little cowboy in your child:

Denim and bandanas.

One look that is really cute is to decorate with a denim and bandana theme. You can paint the walls a dark blue denim color, purchase some curtains that look like red bandanas and frame pictures of cowboys and western landscapes with faux leather.

Ropes and wood.

Another décor approach is to paint the walls in a brown hue that represents wood. It can be a nice complement to some faux hardwood floors. To add to all of the “cabin-like feel”, purchase a big wooden trunk to put his toys in and use a bit of rope to spell his name up above his crib or bed. You can accent all of the brown with some white to make certain elements of the room stand out.

Cow print. 

Nothing says “cowboy” quite like some cow prints, right? If you want to create a look that has only a few hints of a western theme to it, there are throw pillows, rugs for the floor or even bedding that you can purchase that has cow print all over it.

Paint a landscape.

Sometimes when a child has a hard time falling asleep, it helps them to either look at a book or something like some glow-in-the-dark stars in the sky. You can make it extra special for your child by actually hiring someone to come in and paint a western landscape filled with mountains, green land and some horses grazing. By allowing your son to keep a nightlight on, he can fall asleep imagining that he is deep in the west.

boys western bedroom

Give your boy’s bedroom a modern twist on western decor

Image via: Dyanne Wilson

Cowboy hats and saddles.

Another cool idea consists of collection a lot of different sizes and colors of cowboy hats and hanging them on one of the walls in your son’s room. You can add to that some antique furniture (like a wooden rocking chair), some vintage cowboy decorations and you can even purchase a big stuffed horse and put a real saddle on it for decoration. If you are looking to add a finishing touch with some cowboy hat or saddle bedding, websites like Cabin Place, A Baby and even eBay have many icons that will tell you to ” click here ” for many western-themed options to choose from.

Of course, these are just some of the options that are available to you. Hopefully this gave you the inspiration to perhaps go with one of these ideas or to create one of your very own; one that will make your little cowboy feel like he’s out on the range, both day and night, no matter where he’s from.

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