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Dressing your Windows with Modern Treatment Ideas

 Guest Blogger #795, Entry #1884, November 30, 2012

If you’re looking for a way to update the decor in your home but you’re currently on a budget that says “a little bit goes a long way”, one thing that you can do that doesn’t cost a lot of money but can still make a dramatic difference is change your window treatments.

window treatments

Update your windows with stylish window treatments

Image via: Houzz

Although when it comes to interior designs windows do not tend to get as much attention as say, a different coat of paint or some new furniture, there are actually a wide variety of modern and stylish window treatments that don’t cost a lot of money to buy and only takes a little bit of time to install:

Luxurious curtains.

When it comes to the more traditional kind of window treatments, probably the first kind that come to mind are drapes or curtains. However, what provides a bit of a trendy twist is by selecting ones that are made with by luxurious fabrics such as silks, suede or velvet. If you do decide to go this route, you’re going to be paying a bit more money for the yards of fabric, but if you can sew a hem, it can still be a pretty affordable investment.

Roman shades.

If you don’t want to use curtains or blinds, Roman shades are an ideal compromise. Whether you want a casual, classic or formal look, one great thing about this particular option is that there are plenty of websites that can walk you through how to make them by hand.  Just make sure to put “how to make Roman shades” in the search field to locate the instructions.

window treatments lavish

Bring in formal window treatments to your home

Image via: BNL Interior Design

Go sheer.

Do you love having the sun wake you up in the morning? If so, another option to consider is going with some sheer fabric to add a bit of warmth to a room without compromising the natural light that comes through the windows. Sheer fabrics come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Another nice fabric alternative to them (especially if you are eco-friendly) is organic linen.

Honeycomb blinds.

Whether you purchase the ones that you can maneuver by hand, the great thing about this option is that they come in a variety of materials (such as wood or plastic) and colors. This helps to either give a room a really casual or a more formal appearance. A particular kind of blinds that are currently all the rage are honeycomb blinds. That’s because they’re not only stylish and affordable, but they are eco-friendly too. Speaking of eco-friendly, two other great materials for blinds are sheer linen panels and bamboo.

Use some stainless steel.

If you do decide to go with curtains, you need some curtain rods to hang them from, right? A current style that is a timeless fashion statement is rods that are made out of stainless steel. They’re sturdy, they’re attractive, they’re appropriate for any room of the house (whether it’s a formal dining room or a laidback bonus room) and they will last for a lifetime. Definitely a look worth eying.

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