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How to Creatively Update Your Bathroom in a Weekend

Guest Blogger #792, Entry #1880, November 29, 2012

You’re sick of looking at it – the tired, old bathroom with the dated fixtures, grimy grout and maybe even some Pepto Bismol pink paint. No matter how many times you bleach the toilet or scrub at the sink, it still doesn’t shine. But you don’t have the time or the money for that gut job. So how do you freshen it up and do it in a weekend?

bathroom remodel

Give your bathroom a new look this weekend

Image via: Tales of Endearment

Check out our list of tips.

A Glossy Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to make an old bathroom look new again. Try a darker color, like a rich chocolate, for an oasis-like ambiance, or a lighter color like mint for a fresh-feeling appearance. Glossy paint will minimize mold growth in your bathroom, which tends to be a damp room.

Light it up

New lighting fixtures can be a fast and inexpensive way to take the attention away from the grout and up to the new feature, especially if your bathroom suffers from fluorescent light. A new light fixture, apart from being functional, can soften the room and bring it warmth.

Mirror a New Look

A new mirror can be a great focal point and can act as a piece of art that thrives in the humidity of your bathroom. If you choose a mirror with sculptural touches at its edges, it can add drama to the room. Mirrors also make the room look larger.


Spruce up your bathroom with a new mirror

Image via: Tradewinds Imports

Planting a New Foundation

If your bathroom has a window, brighten it up with a plant, which can be a living extension of the drama added to the room by your mirror. Air plants and staghorn ferns coexist nicely with the dampness of your bathroom.

New Hardware

Upgrading faucet handles and knobs doesn’t seem like it would make a big difference, but it does. It’s a quick and easy fix that can add luster to your bathroom and make it seem like it was touched by an interior designer. Just make sure your style stays consistent throughout the entire room.

bathroom remodeling ideas

Spruce up your bathroom with new fixtures

Image via: Pinterest

Free-Floating Shelves

A couple of free-standing shelves can be a great way to brighten up your space with humidity-resistant art or other small touches to reflect some personality. Or if your bathroom lacks storage space, it can be a spot for extra Q-Tips or towels.

Dayelin is an interior design enthusiast and a passionate home redecorator. She hopes to help thousands of homeowners throughout the United States get the best possible interior renovation for their homes. She can often be found writing for the bathroom furniture site Tradewinds Imports or promoting informative home design videos on her social media profiles.

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