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Guest Blogger: Top 5 Prep Tips for Family Holiday Travel

 Entry #1828, November 15, 2012

Before you hit the road or take to the air this holiday season to visit friends and relatives or take a vacation, you should make sure that you and your family are prepared. Travel experiences can be great fun, but they can turn into very stressful experiences for those who don’t prepare. Making the most of your holiday excursion starts at home. Pay attention to the details of travel preparation and you’re sure to have a great time.

holiday travel

Enjoy your family holiday with careful planning

1. Shop for Discounted Fares

One of the best things you can do for your holiday travel plans is save yourself loads of cash by finding the best deals on airline fare. Travel expenses can quickly pile up to huge amounts, and getting an airline discount can make things much easier to finance. Try to book midweek flights for the best rates–Tuesday and Wednesday are typically the cheapest days to fly on most airlines. Make use of price comparison websites and online coupons to find the best deals for you and your family.

2. Make and Distribute Check Lists

Imagine you’ve just arrived at your final destination, only to find that someone has forgotten their toothbrush, check book, or jacket. Avoid this headache by making sure that everyone is fully prepared for the trip in advance. Print out lists of various necessities for the holiday travels and distribute them to all of your family members who will be making the voyage. Include items like toiletries, necessary clothing, and any relevant personal effects. Keep chaos out of your trip by making sure everyone is prepared.

3. Pack Light

Packing too much for a trip is a common mistake that causes an inordinate amount of trouble for travelers. Excess baggage is difficult to keep track of, inconvenient to lug around, and expensive to transport. Airlines all over the world are hiking up their baggage check rates. If you and your family members can limit yourselves to carry on bags only, you’ll save lots of money as well as saving yourself a major league hassle.

holiday travel family

Holiday travel this year? Look at these helpful tips!

4. Double Check Reservations

One of the biggest problems that travelers face comes from simple absent-mindedness. Many have made the difficult to admit mistake of showing up for a flight at the wrong time, booking a shuttle for the wrong day, making the wrong reservations for luxury tours, or even going to the wrong airport for departure. Eliminate any possibility of embarrassing mistakes like these by double checking all of your family’s travel reservations in advance.

5. Take Your Vitamins

Nothing ruins a trip quicker than one of your family members falling ill in transit, so you want to make sure everyone is healthy and ready for travel before setting out. Catching germs on planes is all too common. Bolster everyone’s immune system by loading up on vitamin C and other natural immune boosters. Echinacea and zinc are popular supplements that help the body fend off illness. Ensure a happy trip by keeping everyone healthy.

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