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My Wood Floor Installed! Before & After with HomeAdvisor

Entry #1804, November 9, 2012

So after a few weeks of anticipation my wood floor is finally installed! Whe hew! If you have been following along on Stagetecture and my latest DIY project, you know that I paired with HomeAdvisor to choose a DIY project to makeover a room in my home. I choose my family room and foyer area and getting wood flooring installed.

HomeAdvisor Logo

Here are the last posts to follow along:

Week 1: I choose wood floors and Service Magic becomes HomeAdvisor

Week 2: Choosing my wood floor vendor

foyer before2_homeadvisor

My old carpet and tile are now a distant memory!

So today is the day I show you the before and after pictures of my wood flooring installation. Through this process it was helpful to use the HomeAdvisor Cost Guide:

Cost Guide

Cost Estimator

With my budget of $2500 it looked like I was I going to be right in the average of what most homeowners pay for wood flooring. When choosing a renovation/DIY project ensure you know your budget before you get started! Then use helpful tools like HomeAdvisor’s Cost Guide to figure out if you are in the right range for your budget.

Before Pictures

To see all of the before pictures, please visit HomeAdvisor – Week 1 here.

First – Adding an Accent Wall

On the day of installation we had to move all of the furniture out of the room and get ready for the contractor to show up early in the morning. Before we had did this, we decide to paint an accent wall behind the television! I thought this would give the room more color than just the butter yellow walls. So I choose this very neutral greenish gray or “mushroom” color.

choosing paint color flooring

This Brandon Beige will go perfect with the grayish tones of the wood flooring I chose

living room_prepainting HomeAdvisor

Living room accent wall before painting

after living room_new paint HoemAdvisor

Newly painted wall looks beautiful!

Installing the Wood Floor

It was finally time!

carpet_wood installation day HomeAdvisor

Empty room.. time for the wood floors!

carpet_intallation day2

Before wood is installed

flooring installation

Wood floors going in!

Wood Floor looks Beautiful!

wood installed bare room3 HomeAdvisor

Foyer – After wood flooring is installed

wood installed bare room2

The floor turned out better than I imagined.

wood installed bare room HomeAdvisor

The paint and the floor blend together nicely

Our Finished Family Room & Foyer

Once the wood floor was finished it was time to put back the room! My kids were tired of being held captive from the family television!! HA :)

wood floor furnished4 HomeAdvisor

What a difference flooring makes!

wood floor furnished HomeAdvisor

We add a mirror on top of the fireplace mantel to warm up the room

wood floor furnished2 HomeAdvisor

We also added an area rug for softness underfoot and to break up the dark colors

So that’s the big reveal! What an awesome experience this has been with HomeAdvisor and especially with our flooring vendor.

Chosen Floor Vendor – Frank Milea from Quality Flooring – Jacksonville, Florida

I had so many questions when I was first choosing flooring. If I should get hardwood or laminate, what is more durable and many other questions.  I decided to have Frank Milea, the owner of Quality Flooring answer some questions that most homeowners ask when choosing wood flooring.

Quality flooring Frank Milea

Commonly Asked Questions:

1.) When choosing hardwood vs. laminate hard flooring, what factors should a homeowner consider first?

  • The type of traffic in there home (kids and dogs vs just foot traffic)
  • You budget

2.) Are wood floors harder to care for than carpet? Should families with pets and children have wood flooring – why or why not?

No hardwoods are fairly easy to maintain.You can just use a dry cotton pad 90% of the time with periodic use of the bona cleaner.
And yes family’s with pet and children can absolutely have wood floors,its all about what species and texture.. Ideally with children and pets you want a very hard wood.Hickory is preferred.Also,a wood that is scraped or brushed will hide damage that will off course happen..Smooth finishes with a high gloss tend to show much more.

Quality flooring Frank Milea_wood floor

One of Quality Flooring past wood flooring projects from their online gallery at

3.) There are so many different types of wood flooring! What do you suggest a homeowner do before making a final decision when considering a wood floor?

Assuming you’ve already chosen your material and gotten multiple quotes.The final decision a consumer needs to make is who he or she will do business with.Here are some questions to ask.

Is my estimate going to be my invoice or are there hidden fees? Is the company I am hiring qualified to do the work needed to install my floors.Is the company I am hiring moisture testing my floor.

If you are looking to add flooring to your home I highly recommend Frank Milea and his staff:

Quality Flooring by Frank Milea

8727 Philips Highway

Jacksonville,Florida 32256


To see the past weeks visit these links:

Week 1: I choose wood floors and Service Magic becomes HomeAdvisor

Week 2: Choosing my wood floor vendor

What a great experience this has been with HomeAdvisor. For your next home renovation job, look to HomeAdvisor to find qualified vendors in your area to help with repairs, new installation, tips, and more!

Note: I’m pairing with HomeAdvisor to have flooring placed in my home and working with HomeAdvisor prescreened contractors to perform the work. The project costs $2500 and is being covered by HomeAdvisor. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.

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