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Retail Design: The Playful ‘Apple and Pie’ Children’s Store in Hong Kong

Entry #1796, November 6, 2012

One of the things that catch the attention of customers as they enter a store is its interior design. It’s like a magnet that attracts customers to look into the shop and explore. It gives a decent opportunity to present products and services to potential clients. This is proven in the new Apple & Pie children’s shoe store in Hong Kong.


The Apple & Pie Children’s Shoe Store in Hong Kong

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This shop is conceptualized by Stefano Tordiglione Design based in Hong Kong. The idea is to create a childlike environment, warm, and shop-friendly ambiance for customers. And all these characteristics are achieved by the firm. You can’t help but be astounded by how creative and fabulous the Apple & Pie Children’s Shoe Store looks like.

Apple-shaped seating

The design is very attractive especially for children who will fit a pair of shoes. It conceals extra storage space that makes the store maximize its space. The Apple-shaped seating looks very pretty in red while illustrating the name of the store. These apple-shaped seats are so pleasing to the eyes and very elegant looking.


Creative children’s display and seating

3-D tree wall fixture

The 3-D design provides an innovative and modern look of the store. It allows the new generation of kids to connect with the design as they are more exposed to 3-D graphics or visuals. The 3-D tree wall fixture depicts an apple tree that serves as shoe shelves for their products. This wall design is accentuated with color red apple-shaped shelves.


Apple shaped seating and whimsical interiors are perfect for parents & kids

Life-size apple fixture

This is a great concept of the design team. It greets shoppers and will provide a great impression from the customers even as they enter the store. The apple-shaped fixture is a head turner for people walking outside the store. It’s like a reliable and effective customer service representative of the store.

Best of all, the majority of the materials are made of sustainable components as per request by the owner. This makes it more impressive and inspiring.

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