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Termites in Your Home? 5 Signs to Know for Sure

Guest Blogger #777, Entry #1840, November 19, 2012

Sometimes, it’s not until we see a commercial for termites that it even crosses our mind to think about them in relationship to our own houses. However, reportedly, there are approximately 25 percent of homes that are infested with termites. That’s certainly enough reason to make sure that you know what the telltale signs are of having termites in your own home.

wood home interiors

Ensure your love for wood doesn’t have termites!

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If you’re not sure what to look for, that’s OK. We have some clear indicators listed right here:

1. Small holes.

The thing about small homes in a house is that you don’t really think to look for them until you see bugs or rodents in your house. In your quest to do your own termite inspection, look around the wooden spaces of your house for small, elongated holes. That is a clear sign that you may need to call an exterminator.

2. Wood dust.

Termites have to eat just like we do and something that they tend to thrive off of is cellulose. So, if there are places in your house where there is dampened wood (which also means that you could potentially have mold, so it’s a good idea to have that checked as well), dead plants or lots of paper, it’s a good idea to see if there are also piles of wood dust nearby. Termites could be treating your home like a full-course meal.

3. Discarded wings.

If an exterminator in San Francisco or some termite control Houston came to inspect your home, something that they might look for is discarded wings from termites. If they find some, that could be pretty serious because what tends to happen is that when people who aren’t professional exterminators see tiny bugs with wings, they oftentimes assume that they are looking at flying ants when sometimes it’s little “body parts” that termites leave behind.


wood interiors

See the 5 ways to ensure you don’t have termites

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4. Hollow and cracked wood.

Do you have furniture that’s made of wood? If so, make it a point to look around for cracks and/or seams in it. Also, if you have real wooden beds or tables, or walls made of wood, it doesn’t hurt to periodically knock on them from time to time. If you tend to hear a hallow sound, that can also be a sign that termites are eating at the wood in your house. You definitely don’t want to overlook these two blaring warning signs that real injury could have taken place.

5. Structural damage.

Of all of the signs that we’ve discussed, perhaps the most telling (and potentially dangerous) indication that termites have infested your home is if you have noticed any structural damage. When things like pillars, posts, windows, doors or panels seemed to be either decayed or severely weak (especially if you’ve noticed over a relatively short period of time), your home may be in a vulnerable position, which means that its structure is not as reliable as you need it to be. This is when you shouldn’t hesitate to call a local professional exterminator and make an appointment before you know the true meaning of termites “eating you out of house and home”.

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