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Best of 2012 – #3 – How to Create the Ideal Garage Man Cave

Entry #1969, December 29, 2012

Best of 2012 – #3

How to Create the Ideal Garage Man Cave

If you can’t find a space that is your own, and every space in your home is dedicated to someone else in your home, a garage man cave may be the answer. Where can you go to sit and sip on a beer and watch the big game? Luckily, some very ingenious designers have come up with ways of turning that grubby, tool-filled garage space into a modern man cave! How do you do it? Do you know the materials you need? If you need flooring inspiration, then these tips can help.

garage man cave

What does your ideal garage man cave look like?


Here are a few ways for you to create your own garage man cave:

Clean it up:

First, you will need to do some dirty work. Cleaning up and organizing the garage is key to making the space comfortable and feel like a real room. Install some shiny steel shelves to organize all your tools and belongings. You may also consider hiding your tools behind closed doors; lockers or cupboards can be used to hide all the utilitarian garage tools, making it visually appealing. Install wall hooks for rakes, shovels and bicycles. By making the most of wall storage, you can create an open, uncluttered floor space.


Now that the garage is cleaned up, you will need to do something with the floor in order to make it feel like any other room in your home. There are so many options! One of the least expensive options is outdoor carpeting such as outdoor area rugs that are available at most home hardware stores. Most hardware stores also carry a garage floor concrete paint that can really gloss-up and seal the floor. On the more expensive side, there are “garage guys” in most cities whose sole occupation is revamping garages into the ideal man cave; these companies usually have different flooring systems that they install.

garage man cave ideas

Create a garage man cave that is ideal for you

Image via

Man cave garage ideas

At this point in the garage renovation, the sky is the limit. How would you like to “pimp your garage”? Of course, you will need the largest TV possible. Ensure that your tv has the perfect place to sit . Along with the television, you will need comfortable seating for yourself and a few drinking buddies, and NO the seating cannot be lawn chairs! Think leather recliners.

When it comes to televisions, surround sound stereos, and lighting, you may need to hire an electrician to ensure you have enough sockets ̶ electricians can also install some really neat track lighting to brighten the space.

Overall, use your imagination. Before revamping the garage, make a list of the all the things you would like to use it for – watching TV, playing pool with the guys, or just a quiet place to read the paper. Whatever your needs, the garage can be turned into another functional room in your home.

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