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Celebrating Family Traditions with Vintage Holiday Decor

Entry #1898, December 2, 2012

What makes the holiday more exciting and fun is the family gatherings. You get to know more about each member of the family and the bonding is always a great experience. The holiday gatherings allow each family to celebrate traditions and share fun memories together.

vintage ornament ideas

Vintage ornament ideas for your holiday home

Image via: Flickr

Vintage decorations can be from your childhood, passed down through family generations, or purchased at antique and vintage stores. The vintage holiday decor can give a pleasant look and wonderful ambiance to your home holiday interiors.

Here are some of the vintage holiday decors that you can choose from:

Dangle up your vintage holiday balls

The holiday balls serve so many generations. These balls have made their mark as one of the finest decors that indicate the start of holidays. The lively colors of each ball and the greetings it displays are so attractive and gorgeous to see. Each holiday ball reflects the lights and provides a nice illumination. This feature is really beautiful to enhance the interior.

Assemble your Christmas tree

Holiday ornaments look perfect when hung in a Christmas tree. It is probably safe to say that all the family members have seen Christmas trees since they come to know the holiday celebrations. The Christmas trees have always been a part of the celebration and continue to enhance the interior design of your home every year. Try different types of vintage trees such as tinsel or aluminum vintage trees to bring back nostalgic flair.

vintage ornaments

What vintage decor can you add to your holiday traditions?

Image: Pinterest

Hang a personalized wreath

The beauty and style of wreath can definitely enhance the holiday experience at home. This is a vintage design that is one of the favorite symbols of the coming holidays. It is best if you design it your own that will match the theme of your family celebration.

Feel free to create these vintage decors as these are easy to make and materials are readily available. If you have them already, you can perform some enhancements like adding new ribbons, laces, flowers and other items that you have.

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