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Creative Ways to Decorate your New Year’s Eve Table

Entry #1960, December 26, 2012

New Year celebrations means parties and celebrations allowing for a beautifully decorated home to welcome your guests this New Year’s Eve. Be it your home decoration, party celebration, or the foods, everything should reflect the mood of festival. A wonderful table setting can increase manifold the glamour of a New Year’s Eve party.

new years eve table setting

New Years Eve table setting ideas

Image via: Daily Dream Decor


Shimmer and shine can perfectly describe a festive mood. A combination of blue, white, and silver can catch that theme rightly. It does not matter if you do not have everything matching exactly. The theme can be reinforced by mixing up any of blue, silver, or sparkly things. You can create an instant elegant look by draping a silver or white tablecloth over the table. It will serve as a blank backdrop for the rest of the decoration.


If you have a collection of finest silver or white china, place them on the table. You can use some petty things too for decoration purpose. For example, look through your Christmas ornaments, find out some silver and blue balls, and fill a low-sung glass bowl with them. It could serve as a gorgeous centerpiece. You can also use some cheap tin cans for decoration. Simply, take some same-sized cans, use a paper piercer to poke a star of moon pattern into them, and place them on the table as decorative votive holders.

Hurricane candle holders of varying height can also be used as the centerpiece if the table is round shaped. Place thick and tall pillar candles in those holders and light them.

new years eve table setting idea

New Years eve table setting idea – Christmas ornaments!

Image via: Celebrations at Home


The next thing to focus on is napkin. Wrap silverware in blue or silver napkins and tie them with red or gold ribbon. You can also tie them with napkin rings. Rings can be made by bending metallic pipe cleaners and tying them to silver curling ribbon.


Eating a dozen grapes at New Year’s Eve is a Spanish tradition where each sweet grape symbolizes a good month and each sour grape symbolizes a challenging month you are going to experience in the next year. So, you can place 12 grapes on skewer and place them in empty champagne flute in front of each plate setting. Fill each flute with champagne and serve the guests.

Champagne with twelve grapes.

Champagne with twelve grapes.

Image via: Oh Party

Decorating the table in this way does not claim much of your time and energy, yet the table will look so glamorous that your guests will think you spent weeks planning for every minute detail of the tablescape.

For more New Year’s decoration ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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