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How to Make Cork Wreaths & Christmas Decor (Video)

Entry #1893, December 1, 2012
Happy DIY Saturday, and first day of December! Now that the month is here what you are doing with your holiday home to get ready for the holidays? Many people enjoy making fun Christmas decor and what better way than to recycle items you aren’t using anymore? Whether you have a large stash of corks of your own, or you acquire them from garage sales or purchase at your favorite home decor store – the options are limitless!

How to Make Cork Wreaths & Christmas Decor

christmas cork wreath idea

Recycle corks into a beautiful Christmas wreath

Image via: Pinterest
Today, see a video to make a cork Christmas wreath and then see simple crafts to make from corks for your holiday home.

How to Make A Cork Christmas Wreath

We have a new wreath tutorial site – How to Make a Burlap
Wreath Tutorials_Stagetecture 500px

Creative Cork Christmas Crafts

It is worth recycling corks all year just to get to enjoy their versatility as a building material in December. Using wine corks as creative outlets, you children will grow with a healthy idea on how to recycle and reuse objects around them. Valuable not only as a fun material, but as a set of building blocks – I have seen amazing bathroom mats made from cork – cork has also inspired designers to use it for building modern furniture, like the Pushpin by Kenyon Yeh.

Miniature Cork Christmas Trees

Cork Christmas trees are a joy to look at – their simplicity adorns any corner of the house and choosing differently colored corks (or paint them yourself), the mini Christmas trees will look like adorned with Christmas tree globes. A small branch at the base will give your miniature trees that earthy edge and the perfect excuse to go look for the branch in the nearest park or forest. Scavenger hunts with your children will be greatly appreciated before the start of the holiday season.

Cork Christmas Wreath for a Welcoming Home

Instead of buying more and more decorations that follow each year’s Christmas trend, mind as well create our own Christmas decorations. This activity saves money, encourages creativity and co-work, not to mention it’s an eco-friendly way of decorating the home this holiday. Cork Christmas decorations can be enjoyed especially by children – this is how they learn that our endangered planet is theirs to save for their own children.

Miniature Reindeer in Herds

A small wine cork reindeer herd can decorate your mantel, the stairs or a strategically placed side table. Cork craft is easy and fun and can successfully be the original elements you change each year for the holidays. These wine cork ornaments can be displayed alongside treasured inherited ornaments – they are be as artistic as you are.

Corks and family

Around Christmas, the home becomes a playground for the whole family, regardless of age. Wine cork Christmas crafts can be introduced as part of a special social time among family members. Use recycled corks to write a welcoming message in tone with the holidays. “Merry Christmas” sounds like a good start. Each letter will be worth the patience and you will definitely want to teach someone how to work their way around cork lettering after you’ve done this project. The impermeable letters can be used to decorate the outdoors, too – imagine a special message for the whole neighborhood to see.

A small army of wine cork snowmen

Chances are your kids will fall in love with this easy to make Christmas project. Painted corks can become a small snowmen army – use your imagination and stuff you have around the house to compose your own snowman design and multiply it in assorted details.  This will keep you entertained and spark up a conversation with every visit. Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

Ada Teicu is a dedicated writer sharing finds about architecture, design and creativity. Inspired by the new and exciting things she sees daily, Ada puts pieces side by side to offer the landscape of modern architecture, sometimes entangled with personal experiences on her blog.

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