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DIY Saturday #130 – How to Plan a Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party (Video)

 Entry #1968, December 29, 2012

Happy DIY Saturday Stagetecture readers! 2012 is quicky coming to an end, how are you going to ring in the new year? If you want to plan a last minute New Year’s Eve Party – go right ahead! Whether you call up friends or send Evites or reach out on your social media outlets, everyone loves a great party!

new years eve cookies

new years eve cookies

Today, get tips for decorating, planning and hosting a last minute New  Year’s Eve party and watch a video to make your party look  great with Pottery Barn.

How to Throw a New Year’s Eve Party – Pottery Barn

Link to video –> How to Throw a New Year’s Eve Party

Last Minute Ideas for Planning your New Year’s Eve Party

Enjoy a last-minute New Year’s Eve party with friends and family.

Image via: BG Greek

After passing a stressful and somewhat lengthy process of shopping, expending, and preparing for Christmas, it is natural that you are left with little energy to attend a grand New Year’s celebration. So, if Christmas takes most of your vigor, you had better arrange for a small, pleasant, and cozy New Year’s gathering at your home. It can be a great way to relax a bit and catch up with dear ones you missed at Christmas.

With a bit ingenuity, simple but glamorous food and beverage, some clever decoration tricks, and a little help from your guests, you can arrange a remarkable New Year party within a short time.

Start Late:

No point is there to throw a party if you are too worn out to enjoy it. In order to relive some burden off your shoulder, start your New Year’s cocktail party after dinner. You will be excused from preparing a full meal, as guests will arrive with a full stomach. You can set the party time after 9 p.m.

Start the party late to relieve some burden off your shoulder.

Start the party late to relieve some burden off your shoulder.

Image via: Tesco Magazine

Choose great music:

Music is a powerful theme-setter and mood-maker with which you can instantly turn a roof-raising rager into a romantic rendezvous. So, make your CD selection in advance in accordance with the kind of impression you want to make. Pick familiar dance numbers if you want people to shake the floor. However, do not forget to turn off the music and dim the light before the countdown.

Save Time on Planning Menu:

The fun of hosting a party is greatly marred when you fix a menu that requires you to work in the kitchen for the whole time before the party and to clear the leftovers and wash plates throughout the night. So, you had better arrange for homemade items supplemented by foods bought from stores. You can bring a special touch to the menu by adding at least one over-the-top item.

You can also choose items that require little or no cooking. For example, you can go for dishes like Parmesan-stuffed dates, a variety of cheeses with crackers, Salmon Rillettes, beef skewers, caviar on potato, and a glamorous cocktail with pretty glass and chick garnish.

new years eve cupcakes

New Year’s eve dessert idea

Image via: The Tom Kat Studio


Be creative while giving some easy and quick touches to your place so that it creates a perfect New Year part spirit. Make sure that there is enough space for the guests. Set up a nice lighting, place some votive candles on the table, and use the Christmas lights and decoration items for the makeover of the place.

new years eve decoration

Pull together plastic cups, straws, and utensils in fun colors!

Image via: Pinterest

For a New Year party, style should not be substitute for substance. So, think of something simple yet elegant and small yet creative. It will save your money, energy, time, and let you to express your creativity.

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