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Get the Look: Decorating with Simplicity & Sophistication this Christmas

Entry #1917, December 8, 2012

I have been very fortunate to be blessed with many “helpers” and resources behind the scenes at Stagetecture. One of them is my great Interior Design intern – Rachel Morgan here in Jacksonville, Florida. Rachel has helped me on numerous projects and she loves decor and helping homeowners with design dilemmas! Today, Rachel is starting a new feature on Stagetecture called “Get the Look”. Where she has taken a theme and created a Olioboard design to help you get the look at your home.

Thanks Rachel for all that you do!


How to Decorate with Simplicity this Christmas

Simplicity at Christmas

Simplicity at Christmas

Holidays can be a little tricky to decorate. You don’t know how much is too much. Pretty soon you start to cross that line of simple elegance to creepy obsessive. Well here are a few tips on how to make it festive and inviting.

  • First choose your color scheme. If you go out and just start buying things nothing will look cohesive.
  • Second is to manage your home accessories. For example collecting reindeer is an awesome hobby but when you have so many that no matter where you’re sitting there is always one starring back then you might have too many out. Take out a few and spread them throughout the house. It’s better to have one large or three different sizes clustered together. This brings in a very nice impact that will say Christmas not creepy.
  • Last your tree should go with the theme of the house. This way it doesn’t look out of place but rather a part of the space. Always assume the amount of space a tree takes up. Then go out about a foot to factor in Christmas gifts. Having your tree in window is nice but when it’s in a high traffic area it becomes a hindrance rather than a compliment to your reindeer
Christmas ideas to decor

Christmas ideas for your home

Image via: Mallie Plus Posh

How to Decorate with Sophistication this Christmas

Sophistication at Christmas

Sophistication at Christmas

So you want your space to feel sophisticated and grown up, well here’s an easy way to get that look.

  • First choose a monochromatic color scheme. This gives the room a simple yet ingenious look that makes it much more inviting.
  • Next bring out some bling. Christmas is the one time a year when sparkle is encouraged. Don’t be afraid to step out of the ordinary. Christmas does not have to be traditional. A silver tree with blue ornaments or a tree covered in blue ostrich feathers makes the tree more interesting. Don’t forget that the tree’s size should match the ornaments. If a tree is small, large ornaments will only weigh the tree down. If you have some large ornaments you’d like to use mix them in with smaller ornaments to balance it out.
  • Last bring in more sparkle with some candles. Candle light makes a room feel cozy. If you find that perfect candle holder and you don’t want to destroy it with wax then consider LED candles. They now can be controlled by a remote control and don’t be afraid of sprucing it up with your favorite holiday scent. If it looks like Christmas, it should smell like it to.

For more holiday ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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