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5 DIY Ways to Makeover Your Home Office

Guest Blogger #811, Entry #1922, December 10, 2012

Home offices are a dream come true for many of us. The commute couldn’t be any easier, the boss can’t look over your shoulder, the dress code depends only on your whim and you have the freedom to customize your space any way you want. Make your home office the best work environment it can be by following some of these great DIY tips for updating your space.

home office planning idea

How will you organize your home office?

Image via: Digs Digs

Buy New Furniture

For most home office workers, the majority of time spent in the office is spent sitting down and typing. This can mean aches, tightness, carpal tunnel, and dozens of other problems for many of us. Buying some new furniture for your home office can help you be as comfortable as possible while you work. If you find your neck and back becoming strained, or your hands and wrists aching, it’s most likely a problem with your desk and chair. Don’t skimp on furniture–update your home office with the best.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Technology grows faster than we can run, but you’re going to need to keep up if you want your business on the cutting edge. Upgrading to a new computer is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your home office. You’ll be able to work faster and more efficiently without the annoyance of outdated technology. Even a larger monitor and an ergonomic keyboard can be great investments to make work easier on the eyes and hands.

Get Onto the Cloud

The development of cloud computing is truly a boon for home office workers. Your office is your headquarters, but you may often need to take your work on the road. When this need arises, you’re probably stuck lugging around extra pounds of equipment in an effort to make your office portable. This is no longer necessary. Cloud computing allows you to run applications from remote servers, so you can not only get rid of cluttering hardware in your office, you can also access your essentials from any computer in the world.

home office idea bright

Redecorate your home office

Image via: Design Tricks

Opt for Internet Fax

If you don’t yet know how to send an online fax, you’re really missing out. The need for bulky old-fashioned fax machines is finally starting to dissolve now that we have the power to send and receive faxes from our email accounts. Simply scan any documents you need to send, upload them to your online fax service of choice, and send them directly to any fax machine in the world. Your online fax service provider assigns you a fax number as well, so you can receive documents in your inbox any time as well.


Never underestimate the effect of your surroundings on your work. Redecorating your home office can boost productivity and really take you to the next level. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint, and don’t just go for boring white. Choose vibrant colors if you want to push yourself to new heights, or subdued cooler tones if you need to reduce stress. Hanging pictures on the walls is a great idea as well. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update your home office, so get started today.

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