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Guest Blogger: Green Decor Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Party

Guest Blogger #833, Entry #1965, December 28, 2012

A new year is upon us and when you think that all that’s happened—good, bad and not-so-pretty, to be in the position of preparing for another “12 month go around”, that is definitely something worth celebrating.

As we get older, the earth does as well. Therefore, it’s important that we do our part to not just take better care of ourselves, but also this world that we live in. So, as you’re putting the final touches on your New Year’s Eve party plans, why not go the extra mile by using some green (eco-friendly) decor ideas?

new years eve tablescape

Decorate your New Year’s Eve home with your favorite decor

Image via: Pinterest

Are you curious about which ones you can easily incorporate into your plans? If so, we’ve got five great ones:

Use your email and social media for your invites.

We won’t lie. Getting a paper invite in the mail is a pretty classy move, but it’s also a waste of good paper (including the money that it costs to mail it). Instead, go with a website like E-vite, send your announcement via email or even use your Facebook page or Twitter account to get the message out.

Borrow what you need.

When you’re preparing for a party, there is oftentimes an assumption that if you need more tables or serving dishes that you should simply go out and buy them. The thing is, if you’re not someone who entertains on a regular basis, it could result in having another box of clutter for your attic or garage afterwards. It makes a lot more sense to borrow what you need from a family member or friend, rent the stuff from a local party planning store or purchase items like plates and cups from a biodegradable supply company such as

Be creative with the decor.

Instead of lots of paper streamers and traditional candles, consider alternatives such as biodegradable crepe paper streamers and soy candles. If you have the time, you can even make your own confetti out of leftover wrapping paper (eHow and YouTube are two website that will walk you through it). Also, plants can be a really nice touch to any party. They are beautiful to look at, plus they significantly reduce the amount of toxins that are in the air.

new years eve party favors

Get creative with New Year’s Eve party favors

Image via: Catch My Party

Use as little electricity as possible.

There are quite a few companies that use solar power for business. While you’re home (or the venue where you are hosting the party) probably still runs on good old fashioned electricity, you can still be responsible with it. Light candles, use the fireplace, turn off overhead lighting in places where you don’t need it and when it comes to providing entertainment like music, consider going with an acoustic set and then using a DJ (or the radio) right as you bring the New Year in.

Go organic.

What party works without a good toast? One of the staples of being eco-friendly is consuming what has as little preservatives and additives as possible. So, what don’t you consider picking up either some organic wine or champagne? You can call ahead to your local liquor store to see if they have it or have it delivered overnight thanks to websites like and

For more New Year’s Eve ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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