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Guest Blogger: How to Keep your Family Home Computer Safe

Entry #1905, December 4, 2012

We all know the benefit of alarm systems in our houses, but as the digital world of computers and the internet slips more and more into our home and home offices, you may want to think about a different kind of threat. Most of us also know that anti-virus software is a necessity to protect us from cyber criminals but is that enough? Across the USA, laptop and computer thefts are estimated at anywhere between 1 and 8 million per year. Yes, that wasn’t a typo; million. But it’s not just the cost of the computer that’s a problem for those affected by those figures. Losing the work on those computers can be almost traumatic for some, along with the time and effort that’s been wasted.

home office computer

Is your home computer safe?

Image via: Decoist

Keep you family computer safe

As well as criminal behavior  computer problems can occur within the family. Unfaithful spouses, misbehaving teens and curious youngsters can all lead to issues involving computers. For example, did you know that in a recent survey 62% of kids aged 10-17 said that their parents knew nothing or little of the websites they visited. That’s a worrying fact when 2 in 5 of them have received a request for some sort of personal information online.

But this isn’t an article intended to scaremonger. All of these issues have a number solutions, the first of which is of course to make sure that your computer is protect with anti-virus, your accounts are secured with strong passwords, and your data is backed up away from the original device. But for those with specific problems that the above won’t solve, computer monitoring software may also be an option.

Computer monitor software could help

Computer Monitoring Software will – as the name suggests – monitor computer use. Everything will be monitored from websites visited to applications used. Everything typed will be logged and every document opened, saved, deleted or moved will be reported. All of this will be saved for you to view whenever you log in, or will be emailed to you remotely, making it great (and extremely cheap) insurance against theft. If someone does steal the computer you or the police should be able to deduce where the machine is and who’s using it from the reports sent to you.

home office computer idea

Protect your computer with these ideas

Image via: Passionately Perfect

The software itself runs completely stealthily, meaning anyone using the computer won’t know there activities are being monitored. This makes computer monitoring software a great way of keeping an eye on the family and what they’ve been up to on the computer and online. You’ll be able to view the reports by opening the software using a secret key combination (which is the only way it can be opened) followed by entering your password.

So, if you’d like to add an extra layer of security to your digital world, take a look at some Computer Monitoring Applications. Gecko Monitor has all of the features mentioned above and comes with a free trial. Head over to the website at

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